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1 مقاله Wall stress estimation of human heart under the effect of high accelerations Jamshidi, M. 2013
2 مقاله Analytical modeling of bending effect on the torsional response of electrostatically actuated micromirrors Moeenfard, H. 2013 Electrostatic actuators.
3 مقاله Analytical closed form model for static pull-in analysis in electrostatically actuated torsional micromirrors Moeenfard, H. 2013 Perturbation techniques.
4 مقاله On free vibration of functionally graded euler-bernoulli beam models based on the non-local theory Moheimani, R. 2012 Mechanical engineering.
5 مقاله Adaptive neural fuzzy inference (ANFI) modeling technique for production of marine biosurfactant Abbasi, A. A. 2012 Surface active agents.
6 مقاله Whole cell mechanical property characterization based on mechanical properties of its cytoplasm and bio membrane Abbasi, A. A. 2012 Biomechanics.
7 مقاله Deformation characterization of mouse oocyte cell using inverse finite element and LevenbergâMarquardt optimization algorithm in needle injection experiment Abbasi, A. A. 2012 Deformation.
8 مقاله Utilization of least square support vector machine (LSSVM) for electrical resistivity prediction of the zn-mn-s nanocrystalline semiconductor films Abbasi, A. A. 2012 Electric conductivity.
9 مقاله Prediction of reaction force on external indenter in cell injection experiment using support vector machine technique Abbasi, A. A. 2012 Support vector machines.
10 مقاله Force controlled manipulation of biological cells using a monolithic MEMS based nano-micro gripper Abbasi, A. A. 2012 Grippers.
11 مقاله Static and vibrational analysis of fullerene using a newly designed spherical super element Nasiri Sarvi, M. 2012 Vibration.
12 مقاله Analytical modeling of static behavior of electrostatically actuated nano/micromirrors considering van der Waals forces Moeenfard, H. 2012 Van der Waals forces.
13 مقاله Design and implementation of a new spherical super element in structural analysis Sarvi, M. N. 2012 Spheres.
14 مقاله Free vibration analysis of FGM beams with different boundary conditions using RKPM meshless method Saljooghi, R. Boundary conditions.
15 مقاله Multi-objective optimization of functionally graded hollow cylinders Nabian, M. Functionally graded materials.
16 مقاله Deformation, stress and natural frequency analysis of the fullerene by finite super element method Sarvi, M. N. 2011 Fullerenes.
17 مقاله Design a new spherical super element to static and modal analysis of spherical structures Faghani, H. 2011 Spheres.
18 مقاله Vibrational analysis of wavy carbon nanotube-reinforced composites Motahar, M. S. 2011 Carbon nanotubes.
19 مقاله Application of a new spherical super element in predicting the deformation of biological cells in microinjection Sarvi, M. N. 2011 Molecular biology.
20 مقاله Comparison of deformation analysis of a biological cell under an injection force using analytical, experimental and finite element methods and Artificial Neural Network Sarvi, M. N. Molecular biology.