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    The impact of technological and social capabilities on innovation performance: a technological catch-up perspective

    , Article Technology in Society ; Volume 68 , 2022 ; 0160791X (ISSN) Fakhimi, M ; Miremadi, I ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2022
    The literature on technological capabilities has highlighted the effects of innovation on economic growth. However, further analysis is required to determine how innovation factors affect the technological catch-up process outputs. The main purpose of the present study is therefore to determine the impacts of innovation-building factors (i.e., technological and social capabilities) on the innovation outputs. The role of market and innovation financing in technological catch-up has also been investigated. Partial least squares structural equation modeling has been employed to identify which factors have the most significant effects on this process. We have extracted twelve hypotheses from the... 

    A novel approach for analyzing the effectiveness of the R&D capital for resource conservation: Comparative study on Germany and UK electricity sectors

    , Article Energy Policy ; Volume 147 , 2020 Khajehpour, H ; Miremadi, I ; Saboohi, Y ; Tsatsaronis, G ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2020
    Limited access to energy resources and increasing demand for mitigation of the environmental impacts have necessitated higher production efficiencies. Therefore, the promotion of R&D activities has been one of the main parts of national energy policies. In this research work, two methods are used for assessing the effectiveness of the R&D capital on resource conservation. First, by developing the resource-included knowledge production function of the energy sector and second, through direct assessment of the functionality of resource productivity from R&D capital. Based on official data provided by national statistical centers, a comparative analysis has been conducted to examine the...