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    Cost-benefit analysis of energy saving strategies adopted by the commercial sector in Tehran

    , Article Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy ; Volume 34, Issue 3 , 2015 , Pages 850-857 ; 19447442 (ISSN) Khadivi, S ; Moradi, M. A ; Sharif University of Technology
    John Wiley and Sons Inc  2015
    This study presents a cost-benefit analysis of energy saving strategies for the commercial sector inTehran City. The article includes a discussion of the estimated energy demand for various energy saving scenarios. The cost-benefit analysis was performed separately for seven energy-saving scenarios based on the energy demand and supply forecasting model. According to which, energy demand of the commercial sector was considered as final consumption, which is a function of different parameters such as number of commercial units, number of electric vehicles, volume of commercial activities, labor force, etc. The research findings indicated that all of the proposed scenarios are economically... 

    Recent progress in molecular simulation of nanoporous graphene membranes for gas separation

    , Article Journal of the Korean Physical Society ; Volume 71, Issue 1 , 2017 , Pages 54-62 ; 03744884 (ISSN) Fatemi, S. M ; Baniasadi, A ; Moradi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    If an ideal membrane for gas separation is to be obtained, the following three characteristics should be considered: the membrane should be as thin as possible, be mechanically robust, and have welldefined pore sizes. These features will maximize its solvent flux, preserve it from fracture, and guarantee its selectivity. Graphene is made up of a hexagonal honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms with sp2 hybridization state forming a one-atom-thick sheet of graphite. Following conversion of the honeycomb lattices into nanopores with a specific geometry and size, a nanoporous graphene membrane that offers high efficiency as a separation membrane because of the ultrafast molecular permeation rate as... 

    A new method for calculating laser intensity distribution on workpiece surface in laser-directed energy deposition process by considering powder stream distribution and laser attenuation

    , Article International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology ; Volume 121, Issue 1-2 , 2022 , Pages 337-348 ; 02683768 (ISSN) Sobhanieh, N ; Akbari, J ; Moradi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH  2022
    Laser-directed energy deposition is a fast-growing method for manufacturing complex geometries and materials that are hard to shape with conventional manufacturing methods. However, there are some aspects of this process that need more researches and experiments to be completely understood. Two of these are laser attenuation and laser intensity distribution on the workpiece surface. In this paper, a new method is proposed for calculating laser attenuation without simplification applied in previous works. Despite other studies that consider a predefined powder distribution, the result of a developed 3D CFD model of the powder stream is utilized for defining the position of particles in the... 

    Seasonal and interannual cycles of total phytoplankton phenology metrics in the Persian Gulf using ocean color remote sensing

    , Article Continental Shelf Research ; Volume 237 , 2022 ; 02784343 (ISSN) Zoljoodi, M ; Moradi, M ; Moradi, N ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2022
    Spatial and temporal patterns of climatological seasonality, interannual variability, and phytoplankton phenology were estimated using satellite-derived ocean color chlorophyll-a data (Chl-a) 1998 to 2020 in the Persian Gulf from. Biogeography of phytoplankton seasonal and interannual climatology was determined using k-means multivariate clustering analysis applied on the Chl-a time-series data. As a result, two distinct regions were identified: one in the deep north and middle area (DZC) with a minimum value of Chl-a in April–July (0.62–0.76 mg m−3) and maximum in December–February (1.07–1.59 mg m−3), and the other in the north–west coastal areas and along the southwest-southern area (SZC)... 

    Investigating the impacts of retrofitted CNG vehicles on air pollutant emissions in Tehran

    , Article International Journal of Environmental Research ; Volume 7, Issue 3 , 2013 , Pages 669-678 ; 17356865 (ISSN) Hashemian, S. A ; Mansouri, N ; Morady, M. A ; Sharif University of Technology
    The present study was conducted to investigate the impacts of retrofitted CNG vehicles on air pollutant emissions in Tehran over a 20 years period using available statistical data, precise automobile tests, data analysis, and LEAP Software. The obtained results revealed an increase in air pollutant emissions including CO (equal to 1030.77 thousand tons), NOx (equal to 1030.77 thousand tons), THC (269.02 thousand tons) and CO2 (equal to 38.43 thousand tons) resulting from utilizing retrofitted CNG vehicles within the studied period. Considering the obtained results, if the current trend of producing retrofitted CNG vehicles continues, a total cost of 435 million USD will impose on the... 

    Prediction of wax disappearance temperature using artificial neural networks

    , Article Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering ; Volume 108 , 2013 , Pages 74-81 ; 09204105 (ISSN) Moradi, G ; Mohadesi, M ; Moradi, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this study, the artificial neural network (ANN) was used for the prediction of WDT. The inputs to network are molar mass and pressure, and the output is WDT at each input. A two-layer network with different hidden neurons and different learning algorithms such as LM, SCG, GDA and BR were examined. The network with 16 hidden neurons and Levenberg-Marquardt (LM) train function showed the best results in comparison with the other networks. Also, the predicted results of this network were compared with the thermodynamic models and better accordance with experimental data for ANN was concluded  

    Prediction of acute hypotension episodes using Logistic Regression model and Support Vector Machine: A comparative study

    , Article 2011 19th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, ICEE 2011, 17 May 2011 through 19 May 2011 ; May , 2011 , Page(s): 1 - 4 ; ISSN :21647054 ; 9789644634284 (ISBN) Janghorbani, A ; Arasteh, A ; Moradi, M. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Acute hypotension episodes are one of the hemodynamic instabilities with high mortality rate that is frequent among many groups of patients. Prediction of acute hypotension episodes can help clinicians to diagnose the cause of this physiological disorder and select proper treatment based on this diagnosis. In this study new physiological time series are generated based on heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and mean blood pressure time series. Statistical features of these time series are extracted and patients whom are exposed to acute hypotension episodes in future 1 hour time interval and whom are not, are classified based on these features and with the aid of... 

    Multidisciplinary optimization of a car component under NVH and weight constraints using RSM

    , Article 2009 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, IMECE2009, Lake Buena Vista, FL, 13 November 2009 through 19 November 2009 ; Volume 15 , 2010 , Pages 315-319 ; 9780791843888 (ISBN) Azadi, M ; Zahedi, F ; Azadi, S ; Moradi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)  2010
    One of the important challenges in the auto industry is to reduce the mass of the vehicle while meeting structural performance requirements for Crashworthiness, Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) etc. In this paper, a multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) of a car back-bonnet is investigated by using trie Response Surface Method (RSM). Firstly, a car body is fully surface modeled in CATIA and meshed in HYPERMESH software. Then, modal analysis of the finite element model is performed by NASTRAN software to find natural frequencies. Frequency map of that component is extracted and compared with a reference map to detect defects. Design of Experiments (DOE) methodologies is used for a... 

    A novel method based on empirical mode decomposition for P300-Based detection of deception

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security ; Volume 11, Issue 11 , 2016 , Pages 2584-2593 ; 15566013 (ISSN) Arasteh, A ; Moradi, M. H ; Janghorbani, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc 
    Conventional polygraphy has several alternatives and one of them is P300-based guilty knowledge test. The purpose of this paper is to apply a new method called empirical mode decomposition (EMD) to extract features from electroencephalogram (EEG) signal. EMD is an appropriate tool to deal with the nonlinear and nonstationary nature of EEG. In the previous studies on the same data set, some morphological, frequency, and wavelet features were extracted only from Pz channel, and used for the detection of guilty and innocent subjects. In this paper, an EMD-based feature extraction was done on EEG recorded signal. Features were extracted from all three recorded channels (Pz, Cz, and Fz) for... 

    Multidisciplinary optimisation of a car component under NVH and weight constraints using RSM

    , Article International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration ; Volume 5, Issue 3 , 2009 , Pages 261-270 ; 14791471 (ISSN) Azadi, M ; Azadi, S ; Moradi, M ; Zahedi, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    One of the important challenges in the auto industry is to reduce the mass of the vehicle while meeting structural performance requirements for crashworthiness, noise, vibration and harshness, etc. In this paper, a multidisciplinary optimisation of a car back-bonnet is investigated by using the response surface method. A car body is fully surface modelled in CATIA and meshed in software. Then, modal analysis of the finite element model is performed by NASTRAN software to find natural frequencies. A frequency map of that component is extracted and compared with a reference map to detect defects. Design of experiments methodology is used for a screening of the design space and for the... 

    Theoretical and industrial aspects of amine reclaiming unit to separate heat stable salts

    , Article Separation and Purification Technology ; Volume 237 , 2020 Tavan, Y ; Moradi, M ; Rostami, A ; Azizpour, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2020
    In this study, a thermal vacuum distillation amine reclaimer unit was industrially and theoretically investigated to remove HSS from a salty amine stream. The presence of ions in the salty amine solution limits application of computer simulation tools to study the process. A thermodynamic equivalent scheme was used for thermal vacuum distillation amine reclaimer, for first time and the simulation results were totally conformed to experimental and industrial data. The effect of critical parameters namely reclaimer vacuum pressure, re-circulation flow rate and HSS amount on performance of thermal amine reclaiming was investigated based on increasing amine solution quality, amine recovery,... 

    A novel ensemble strategy for classification of prostate cancer protein mass spectra

    , Article 29th Annual International Conference of IEEE-EMBS, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC'07, Lyon, 23 August 2007 through 26 August 2007 ; 2007 , Pages 5987-5990 ; 05891019 (ISSN) ; 1424407885 (ISBN); 9781424407880 (ISBN) Assareh, A ; Moradi, M. H ; Esmaeili, V ; Sharif University of Technology
    Protein mass spectra pattern recognition is a new forum in which many machine learning algorithms have been conducted to enhance the chance of early cancer diagnosis. The high-dimensionality-small-sample (HDSS) problem of cancer proteomic datasets still requires more sophisticated approaches to improve the classification accuracy. In this study we present a simple ensemble strategy based on measuring the generalizing capability of different subsets of training data and apply it in making final decision. Using a limited number of biomarkers along with 5 classification algorithms, the proposed method achieved a promising performance over a well-known prostate cancer mass spectroscopy dataset.... 

    Experimental investigation into the behaviour of a new replaceable bracing system

    , Article Proceedings of the International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering - OMAE ; Volume 2 , 2012 , Pages 427-437 ; 9780791844892 (ISBN) Khonsari, S. V ; England, G. L ; Moradi, M ; Farahani, H ; Zarei, D ; Sharif University of Technology
    A new bracing system with new features somewhat different from those of the existing ones was devised and is presented. These features comprise some of the advantages of eccentric bracing systems including their ability to dissipate energy through bending of flexural elements while lacking some of the disadvantages of such systems including their inability of being replaced upon damage during events such as earthquakes, etc. While in traditional types of braces, including both concentric and eccentric ones, braces are under axial loading, in this new system they work in a bending capacity. As a result, the sort of flexibility which is introduced in the system in the presence of eccentric... 

    Investigating the temporal and spatial variations of water consumption in Urmia Lake River Basin considering the climate and anthropogenic effects on the agriculture in the basin

    , Article Agricultural Water Management ; Volume 213 , 2019 , Pages 782-791 ; 03783774 (ISSN) Taheri, M ; Emadzadeh, M ; Gholizadeh, M ; Tajrishi, M ; Ahmadi, M ; Moradi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2019
    Urmia Lake River Basin (ULRB) is one of the most important habitats in the world and one of the major agricultural regions in Iran. On average, the ratio of irrigation to evapotranspiration in this basin is more than 73%. Investigating the irrigation water requirement pattern changes and the spatial distribution of evapotranspiration during the basin development period on a regional scale play important roles in understanding the basin situation. In this study, the actual evapotranspiration has been estimated by SEBAL model. By estimating the precipitation distribution in the basin, the agricultural irrigation water requirement pattern has been calculated using the land use map in 1995, 2010... 

    Effect of SiO2 content on Y-TZP/Al2O3 ceramic-nanocomposite properties as potential dental applications

    , Article Ceramics International ; Volume 46, Issue 8 , 2020 , Pages 10910-10916 Rahimi, S ; SharifianJazi, F ; Esmaeilkhanian, A ; Moradi, M ; Safi Samghabadi, A. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2020
    Yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP) have been widely applied in fixed partial prostheses as well as dental uses i.e. a substructure for crowns. However, Y-TZP has limited applications, which is due to the presence of defects in its microstructure introduced during the manufacturing process. Accordingly, due to Y-TZP limitations, the novel (X)Y-TZP- 20Al2O3-(80-X) SiO2 (X = 65, 70 and 75) ceramic nanocomposites were successfully fabricated via the powder metallurgy method. X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns of commercial powders showed the stabilization of monoclinic zirconia (ZM) by increasing the silica content. In order to determine the fracture load and micro-bending... 

    Predicting atrial fibrillation termination using ECG features, a comparison

    , Article 2008 1st International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies, ISABEL 2008, Aalborg, 25 October 2008 through 28 October 2008 ; 2008 ; 9781424426478 (ISBN) Saberi, S ; Esmaeili, V ; Towhidkhah, F ; Moradi, M. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this study, surface ECG recordings have been used to accomplish a non-invasive method which can predict spontaneous termination of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and discriminate terminating (T) and non-terminating (N) AF episodes. The data set was provided by Physionet including holter recordings of 50 patients (20 training and 30 test sets). Concerning that most relevant information about the AF exists in the atrial fibrillatory wave, Several spectral and time-frequency parameters were extracted from the ECG signal after canceling the QRST complex. Also a temporal feature, RR interval variation, representing the ventricular activity was calculated. These parameters were evaluated using a... 

    Audio watermarking based on quantization index modulation in the frequency domain

    , Article 2007 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications, ICSPC 2007, Dubai, 14 November 2007 through 27 November 2007 ; 2007 , Pages 1127-1130 ; 9781424412365 (ISBN) Khademi, N ; Akhaee, M. A ; Ahadi, S. M ; Moradi, M ; Kashi, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this paper, our main purpose is to embed data in the frequency domain of audio signals. Data was embedded by means of Quantization Index Modulation (QIM) in the frequency domain. With this aim, the spectrum of the audio signal was divided into two parts. The first part consisted of the first 19 Barks and the second included the remaining 6 Barks. Each of these parts had a different quantization step size. In order to have large quantization step sizes which yield more robustness, Human Auditory System (HAS) has been used. Decoder detects the watermark signal, without using the original audio signal. Simulation results have shown that this watermarking scheme has better robustness against... 

    Robust optimization of renewable-based multi-energy micro-grid integrated with flexible energy conversion and storage devices

    , Article Sustainable Cities and Society ; Volume 64 , 2021 ; 22106707 (ISSN) Lekvan, A. A ; Habibifar, R ; Moradi, M ; Khoshjahan, M ; Nojavan, S ; Jermsittiparsert, K ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2021
    This paper presents a new model for optimal scheduling of renewable-based multi-energy microgrid (MEM) systems incorporated with emerging high-efficient technologies such as electric vehicle (EVs) parking lots, power-to-gas (P2G) facility, and demand response programs. The proposed MEM is equipped with wind energy, multi-carrier energy storage technologies, boiler, combined heat and power unit, P2G, EVs, and demand response with the aim of total operational cost minimization. Meanwhile, the system operator can participate in three electricity, heat, and gas market to meet local demands as well as achieve desired profits through energy exchanges. The proposed MEM is exposed to high-level... 

    Quasi-inversion of quantum and classical channels in finite dimensions

    , Article Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical ; Volume 54, Issue 34 , 2021 ; 17518113 (ISSN) Shahbeigi, F ; Sadri, K ; Moradi, M ; Zyczkowski, K ; Karimipour, V ; Sharif University of Technology
    IOP Publishing Ltd  2021
    We introduce the concept of quasi-inverse of quantum and classical channels, prove general properties of these inverses and determine them for a large class of channels acting in an arbitrary finite dimension. Thereforewe extend the previous results of Karimipour et al (2020 Phys. Rev. A 101 032109) to arbitrary dimensional channels and to the classical domain. We demonstrate how application of the proposed scheme can increase on the average the fidelity between a given random pure state and its image transformed by the quantum channel followed by its quasi-inversion. © 2021 The Author(s)  

    Effect of laser additive manufacturing parameters on hardness and geometry of Inconel 625 parts manufactured by direct laser metal deposition

    , Article Optik ; Volume 249 , 2022 ; 00304026 (ISSN) Nankali, M ; Akbari, J ; Moradi, M ; Malekshahi Beiranvand, Z ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier GmbH  2022
    This research investigates the effect of process parameters on the geometry and properties of In625 parts, manufactured by the direct laser metal deposition (DLMD) process. For this purpose, eight parts, consisting of 5 layers on top of each other, were manufactured, and the effect of laser power, laser focal plane position, and scanning speed on the height, width, and surface smoothness of each of them was investigated using design of experiment (DOE). The experimental results showed that the height of the parts manufactured by 800 W/mm and 200 W/mm of energy density is 3.69 mm and 6.12 mm, respectively. The thickness of the parts manufactured by 80 W/mm and 200 W/mm of energy density is...