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    High energy efficiency in syngas and hydrocarbon production from dissociation of CH4-CO2 mixture in a non-equilibrium pulsed plasma

    , Article Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics ; Volume 38, Issue 20 , 2005 , Pages 3804-3811 ; 00223727 (ISSN) Ghorbanzadeh, A. M ; Norouzi, S ; Mohammadi, T ; Sharif University of Technology
    The efficient production of syngas from a CH4+CO2 mixture in an atmospheric pulsed glow discharge, sustained by corona pre-ionization, has been investigated. The products were mainly syngas (CO, H2) and hydrocarbons up to C4, with acetylene having the highest selectivity. The energy efficiency was within 15-40% for different experimental conditions, which demonstrates a comprehensive improvement relative to the achievements of other types of non-equilibrium plasma. These values are, however, comparable with the efficiencies obtained by gliding arc plasmas but this plasma operates at near room temperature. Furthermore, it has been shown that the energy efficiency is increased by decreasing... 

    Electrochemical potential noise analysis of Cu-BTA system using wavelet transformation

    , Article Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry ; Volume 633, Issue 1 , 2009 , Pages 240-245 ; 15726657 (ISSN) Attarchi, M ; Roshan, M. S ; Norouzi, S ; Sadrnezhaad, S. K ; Jafari, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier  2009
    Electrochemical potential noise analysis was used to investigate corrosion behavior of copper electrodes in presence of 0.001, 0.005, 0.01 and 0.02 M benzotriazole (BTA) inhibitor. Energy distribution of the potential noise was obtained from wavelet transformation using the 4th order Daubechies pattern. Two lowest frequencies were added-up and fitted to the impulse response of the first order circuit to achieve the time-constant vs. concentration (T-C) diagram. T-C diagram can be used either as a conventional diagram of inhibition efficiency or a tool for evaluation of the surface film dielectric constant. The assumptions made in this treatment were confirmed by EIS method. © 2009 Elsevier...