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    Development and Validation of an EFL Self-Regulated Learning Questionnaire

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Jafari, Hamid (Author) ; Salehi, Mohammad (Supervisor) ; Rahimi, Ali (Co-Advisor)
    Self-regulated learning, though having swept educational psychology's literature like a tidal wave (Boekaerts, 1999), and also, compared to other constructs such as metacognition and learning strategies, has remained comparatively uncharted in L2 research. One preliminary step to chart this concept is to develop questionnaires for it. With these and other things in mind, the principal purpose of this study was to develop a questionnaire in English and Persian to measure self-regulated language learning capacity and behavior of Iranian EFL learners. The development of the questionnaire was guided by two pilots (412 participants), content validation through expert judgment, cognitive...