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    Implicit solution of inviscid flows on an unstructured mesh for bodies in large relative motion using a new grid movement scheme

    , Article Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics ; Volume 6, Issue 7 , 2006 , Pages 379-388 ; 14684349 (ISSN) Mazaheri, K ; Ramezani, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Inderscience Publishers  2006
    Both the grid movement scheme and the moving grid solver are considered. A new grid movement scheme for large amplitude moving boundaries such as store separation has been developed. Some popular grid movement methods have been studied to analyse capabilities of this method. In fact, this scheme could be an optimal combination of the overset grids method and the local remeshing as it uses their advantages and avoids some of their disadvantages. To have valid solution in moving grids, two conservation laws, which preserve independences of solution from grid motions, have been considered. These constraints, which are called Geometric Conservation Laws (GCL), have been satisfied implicitly... 

    Genetic algorithm based parameter identification of a nonlinear full vehicle ride model

    , Article SAE Automotive Dynamics and Stability Conference and Exhibition, Detroit, MI, 7 May 2002 through 9 May 2002 ; 2002 ; 01487191 (ISSN) Alasty, A ; Ramezani, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    SAE International  2002
    Genetic Algorithm is applied to the physical parameter estimation of a full vehicle nonlinear multi-body ride model. Beforehand unity of system representation (identifiability) and sensitivity analysis for determining the effects of parameter changes on the response of the vehicle is discussed. A random road profile is designed as a persistent excitation. Input-output data required for the identification is obtained from ADAMS/CAR simulations of a more complex model. Robustness of the identification method is studied by adding different noise levels to the ADAMS output signals. Validation of the results is carried out by comparison of the identified model outputs with experimental... 

    Rattle noise source prediction for instrument panel of a car using hybrid sea-fem analysis

    , Article 20th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2013, ICSV 2013 ; Volume 4 , July , 2013 , Pages 2883-2890 Beigmoradi, S ; Jahani, K ; Ramezani, A ; Hajabdollahi, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    International Institute of Acoustics and Vibrations  2013
    Squeak and rattle (S&R) noises are important in-cabin sources of annoyance for occupants. Originally, S&R is generated as a result of colliding and slamming of car's trim and body structure which in turn occurs because of the dynamic displacements of components excited by road and power-train. Squeak noise is interpreted as periodic stick and slip phenomena in the contact boundary of two neighbor surfaces. While rattle noise is the emitted noise when adjacent surfaces collide and impact. Squeak noise takes place at low frequency while rattle phenomenon happens in high-frequency range, even though the excitation sources (road and power-train line) works in low frequency range. In practice,... 

    Challenges in trust and security by implementation of E-CRM among banks and financial institution: A case study of e-banking in iran"

    , Article International Journal of Information Science and Management ; Volume 10, Issue SPL.ISSUE , 2012 , Pages 99-118 ; 20088302 (ISSN) Miremadi, A. R ; Ghalamakri, S ; Ramezani, A. A ; Sharif University of Technology
    The advancement in technology, information and communication has forced banks and financial institutions into hard competition. In this new era technology, people and customer are the elements which the banks are concentrating on them to manage customer relationship and success of banking in customer satisfaction. Electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) is seen to arise from the consolidation of traditional CRM with the e-business applications marketplace and has created a flurry of activity among companies. The purpose of this study is to examine the competitive advantages on e-CRM in financial institutions and banks and obtain better understanding of the e-CRM benefits. A... 

    Panel contribution analysis for a sedan car using numerical simulations

    , Article 20th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2013, ICSV 2013 ; Volume 4 , 2013 , Pages 2891-2898 ; 9781629931500 Jahani, K ; Beigmoradi, S ; Ramezani, A ; Hajabdollahi, H ; LMS ; Sharif University of Technology
    International Institute of Acoustics and Vibrations  2013
    These days, the pace of utilizing CAE tools is increasing with an eye to the vehicle development time and cost considerations. This paper deals with the NVH virtual analyses performed for a trimmed body of a B-segment sedan car. Since the main source of annoyance in low frequency range is the booming noise, the NVH diagnoses are performed by FEM tools. Firstly, the finite element model of the car is generated and this is followed by the modal analysis simulations for the car and cavity models in order to investigate the frequency attributes of the car and identify the NVH characteristics of body structure and acoustic cavity. Afterwards, noise transfer function (NTF) analyses are performed... 

    A practical review study on shaped charge in the last two decades (2000–2020)

    , Article International Journal of Protective Structures ; Volume 12, Issue 4 , 2021 , Pages 665-693 ; 20414196 (ISSN) Mehmannavaz, H ; Ramezani, A ; Nabakhteh, M. A ; Liaghat, G ; Sharif University of Technology
    SAGE Publications Inc  2021
    Shaped charges are devices used for cutting or penetrating different aerial, on land, and underwater targets, based on the concentration of the explosion energy to the liner. The purpose of this study is to present a practical review of the studies related to shaped charges in the last twenty years (2000–2020). In this regard, these studies have been reviewed in two different categories for ordinary and advanced shaped charges. In the case of ordinary shaped charges, different aspects including shaped charges against different targets, different types of shaped charges (such as linear shaped charge and explosively formed penetrators), and theoretical advancements are presented. On the other... 

    Solving MEC model of haplotype reconstruction using information fusion, single greedy and parallel clustering approaches

    , Article 6th IEEE/ACS International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications, AICCSA 2008, Doha, 31 March 2008 through 4 April 2008 ; 2008 , Pages 15-19 ; 9781424419685 (ISBN) Asgarian, E ; Moeinzadeh, M. H ; Sharifian-R, S ; Najafi-A, A ; Ramezani, A ; Habibi, J ; Mohammadzadeh, J ; Sharif University of Technology
    Haplotype information has become increasingly important in analyzing fine-scale molecular genetics data, Due to the mutated form in human genome; SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) are responsible for some genetic diseases. As a consequence, obtaining all SNPs from human populations is one of the primary goals of studies in human genomics. In this paper, a data fusion method based on multiple parallel classifiers for reconstruction of haplotypes from a given sample Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) is proposed. First, we design a single greedy algorithm for solving haplotype reconstructions. [2] is used as an efficient approach to be combined with first classification method. The...