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    Peer evaluation of multi-attribute analysis techniques: Case of a light rail transit network choice

    , Article Scientia Iranica ; Volume 20, Issue 3 , 2013 , Pages 371-386 ; 10263098 (ISSN) Poorzahedy, H ; Rezaei, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    This paper attempts to present a method for differentiating between multi-attribute decision procedures and to identify some competent procedures for major decision problems, where a matrix of alternative-measure of effectiveness and a vector of weights for the latter are available. In this respect, several known multi-attribute analysis procedures are chosen, and the same procedures are exploited to evaluate themselves, based on some evaluation criteria. This is done from an engineering viewpoint and in the context of a transportation problem, using a real case light rail transit network choice problem for the City of Mashhad, and the results are presented. Two concepts have been proposed... 

    Air itinerary choice in a low-frequency market: A decision rule approach

    , Article Journal of Air Transport Management ; Volume 18, Issue 1 , January , 2012 , Pages 34-37 ; 09696997 (ISSN) Nassiri, H ; Rezaei, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    This paper focuses on low frequency airline service patronage using the data from a survey conducted at Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, Iran. It uses Dominance-based Rough Set Approach (DRSA) for modeling passengers' choices. We compare the method with discrete choice models using a prediction potential measure. Unlike discrete choice methods, it can use qualitative and categorized data without having to transform them into dummy variables. It is found that the prediction accuracy of the proposed technique is better than that of the discrete choice model for the case under consideration  

    Fuzzy descriptive evaluation system: real, complete and fair evaluation of students

    , Article Soft Computing ; Volume 24, Issue 4 , 2020 , Pages 3025-3035 Annabestani, M ; Rowhanimanesh, A ; Mizani, A ; Rezaei, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Springer  2020
    In recent years, descriptive evaluation has been introduced as a new model for educational evaluation of Iranian students. The current descriptive evaluation method is based on four-valued logic. Assessing all students with only four values is led to a lack of relative justice and creation of unrealistic equality. Also, the complexity of the evaluation process in the current method increases teacher error’s likelihood. As a suitable solution, in this paper, a fuzzy descriptive evaluation system has been proposed. The proposed method is based on fuzzy logic, which is an infinite-valued logic, and it can perform approximate reasoning on natural language propositions. By the proposed fuzzy... 

    Functional analyses of recombinant mouse hepcidin-1 in cell culture and animal model

    , Article Biotechnology Letters ; Volume 35, Issue 8 , August , 2013 , Pages 1191-1197 ; 01415492 (ISSN) Yazdani, Y ; Keyhanvar, N ; Kalhor, H. R ; Rezaei, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Hepcidin is a peptide hormone that plays an important role in iron metabolism. We have produced a recombinant mouse hepcidin-1 by using baculovirus expression system. Its expression yield was 25 μg/ml when cell culture media were supplemented with a protease inhibitor cocktail. The recombinant mouse hepcidin-1 and synthetic human hepcidin-25 had similar effects on reducing ferroportin expression in J774A cell line and in peritoneal macrophages. However, synthetic human hepcidin-25 was more efficient than recombinant mouse hepcidin-1 in reducing iron concentration in blood circulation (p < 0.01)  

    {0, 2}-Degree free spanning forests in graphs

    , Article Discrete Mathematics ; Volume 338, Issue 7 , July , 2015 , Pages 1226-1231 ; 0012365X (ISSN) Akbari, S ; Ozeki, K ; Rezaei, A ; Rotabi, R ; Sabour, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier  2015
    Let G be a graph and S be a set of non-negative integers. By an S-degree free spanning forest of G we mean a spanning forest of G with no vertex degree in S. In this paper we study the existence of {0,2}-degree free spanning forests in graphs. We show that if G is a graph with minimum degree at least 4, then there exists a {0,2}-degree free spanning forest. Moreover, we show that every 2-connected graph with maximum degree at least 5 admits a {0,2}-degree free spanning forest, and every 3-connected graph admits a {0,2}-degree free spanning forest  

    Evaluation of various energy windows at different radionuclides for scatter and attenuation correction in nuclear medicine

    , Article Annals of Nuclear Medicine ; Volume 29, Issue 4 , 2015 , Pages 375-383 ; 09147187 (ISSN) Asgari, A ; Ashoor, M ; Sohrabpour, M ; Shokrani, P ; Rezaei, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Springer-Verlag Tokyo  2015
    Objective: Improving signal to noise ratio (SNR) and qualified images by the various methods is very important for detecting the abnormalities at the body organs. Scatter and attenuation of photons by the organs lead to errors in radiopharmaceutical estimation as well as degradation of images. The choice of suitable energy window and the radionuclide have a key role in nuclear medicine which appearing the lowest scatter fraction as well as having a nearly constant linear attenuation coefficient as a function of phantom thickness. Methods: The energy windows of symmetrical window (SW), asymmetric window (ASW), high window (WH) and low window (WL) using Tc-99m and Sm-153 radionuclide with... 

    Smartphone-based portable device for rapid and sensitive pH detection by fluorescent carbon dots

    , Article Sensors and Actuators A: Physical ; Volume 332 , 2021 ; 09244247 (ISSN) Ehtesabi, H ; Asadollahi, A ; Hallaji, Z ; Goudarzi, M ; Rezaei, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2021
    In the past few years, most studies have focused on smart substances that can respond to changes in the environment, as they can be appropriately applied in different fields, including biosensing, biotechnology, and drug delivery. Here, new fluorescent carbon dots (CDs) are synthesized by Terebinth by designing a simple and single-stage hydrothermal path, which facilitates the manufacture of CDs with no need for boring artificial methods, or using poisonous/costly solvents and starting substances. The method is used to concurrently form CDs and passivate their surface, which results in inherently emitted fluorescence. The study of the structure and optical features of the resulting CDs... 

    Optimum design and sensitivity analysis of axial flow compressor with combination of analytical method, qualitative and quantitative rules and genetic algorithm

    , Article Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo, 9 June 2008 through 13 June 2008, Berlin ; Volume 6, Issue PART C , 2008 , Pages 2501-2508 ; 9780791843161 (ISBN) Soltani, M. R ; Khaledi, H ; Ghofrani, M. B ; Rezaei, A. A ; International Gas Turbine Institute ; Sharif University of Technology
    Simulation and prediction of gas turbine performance is a very important issue in design process or in actual behavior analysis. In these models physical behavior of components such as compressors, combustion chambers and turbines are simulated related to each other. The compressor is the most important part of simulation. This paper presents a model for simulating a compressor using stage stacking procedure with the aid of a genetic algorithm. The most important feature of the proposed method is that qualitative and quantitative rules based on turbo-machinery knowledge of compressors are used as constraints to the genetic algorithm to find the corrected situations of design. This knowledge... 

    Energy and environmental enhancement of power generation units by means of zero-flow coolant strategy

    , Article International Journal of Energy Research ; Volume 45, Issue 7 , 2021 , Pages 10064-10085 ; 0363907X (ISSN) Samiezadeh, S ; Qasemian, A ; Sohani, A ; Rezaei, A ; Khodaverdian, R ; Soltani, R ; Li, L. K. B ; Doranehgard, M. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    John Wiley and Sons Ltd  2021
    Warm-up period is considered as the most critical phase in the operation of any device that converts the energy of a fuel into heat, electricity, and other products, including power generation units since the system efficiency and environmental pollution levels are much worse than the normal operation in that phase. Considering this point, in this study, applying the zero-flow coolant strategy to reduce the warm-up period is suggested for power generation units and it is investigated in details. An internal combustion engine is selected as the case-study and implementation of the method to enhance the performance of that from both energy and environmental aspects are studied comprehensively....