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    Discrimination of heart arrhythmias using novel features in heart rate phase space

    , Article Computing in Cardiology ; Volume 40 , Sept , 2013 , Pages 1035-1038 ; 23258861 (ISSN); 9781479908844 (ISBN) Moharreri, S ; Rezaei, S ; Salavatian, S
    In this paper, we try to recognize and distinguish different groups of arrhythmia using novel features which have been obtained from the heart rate's phase space in recent years. For this purpose, we used Triangular Phase Space Mapping (TPSM) and Parabolic Phase Space Mapping (PPSM). For recognition, we used three groups of 15 subjects using the Physionet database (Arrhythmia, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), and Atrial Fibrillation (AF)) with Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR). The obtained features discriminate arrhythmia from NSR by p

    Academic dishonesty at universities: The case of plagiarism among iranian language students

    , Article Journal of Academic Ethics ; Volume 11, Issue 4 , 2013 , Pages 275-295 ; 15701727 (ISSN) Rezanejad, A ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    This study investigated Iranian language students' perception of and familiarity with plagiarism, their attitudes toward their professors regarding this issue, and their reasons for doing so. The participants were 122 undergraduate and graduate language students in Translation, Literature, TEFL, and Linguistics who filled out a validated and piloted questionnaire. Overall, the results indicated that students had different views about the definition of plagiarism and plagiarism was mostly perceived by students as using someone else's words as if they were their own rather than taking someone's ideas without permission. It was also found that in their academic career, students mostly consider... 

    Modification of weakly compressible smoothed particle hydrodynamics for preservation of angular momentum in simulation of impulsive wave problems

    , Article Coastal Engineering Journal ; Volume 51, Issue 4 , 2009 , Pages 363-386 ; 05785634 (ISSN) Ataie Ashtiani, B ; Mansour Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this work, Weakly Compressible Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (WCSPH) is applied for numerical simulation of impulsive wave. Properties of linear and angular momentum in WCSPH formulation are studied. Kernel gradient of viscous term in momentum equation is corrected to ensure preservation of angular momentum. Corrected WCSPH method is used to simulate solitary Scott Russell wave and applied to simulate impulsive wave generated by two-dimensional under water landslide. In each of the test cases, results of corrected WCSPH are compared with experimental results. The results of the numerical simulations and experimental works are matched and a satisfactory agreement is observed.... 

    Characterization of silicon surface elastic constants based on different interatomic potentials

    , Article Thin Solid Films ; Volume 626 , 2017 , Pages 104-109 ; 00406090 (ISSN) Nejat Pishkenari, H ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Mechanical properties of materials are an important factor in designing nanoscale systems. Several researches and experiments have shown that the mechanical properties of the nano-scale materials are different from those of bulk. One of the major reasons for this difference is that the ratio of surface to volume increases at the nano-scale, and the effects of free surfaces become very important. In this paper, we have measured the surface elastic constants of silicon crystalline structure using different interatomic potentials. The potentials employed here are EDIP (Environment-Dependent Interatomic Potential), Stillinger-Weber and Tersoff, and also different crystalline orientations are... 

    The conceptualization and exploration of socially just teaching: A qualitative study on higher education English professors

    , Article Teaching and Teacher Education ; Volume 74 , 2018 , Pages 137-145 ; 0742051X (ISSN) Ramezanzadeh, A ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2018
    This study explored the conceptualization of socially just teaching in higher education. Participants were English language professors who were studied through a qualitative study. The data collected through interviews and memos were analyzed using inductive thematic analysis. Three themes were extracted: a critical stance, a dialogic and emergent curriculum, and ontological turns. The findings indicated that socially just teaching requires foregrounding the questions of being. Furthermore, the findings revealed that socially just teaching necessitates critiquing othering based on essentialist stereotypes through the contextualized teaching which revolves around cultural recognition,... 

    Development of a rubric for evaluating creative writing: a multi-phase research

    , Article New Writing ; 2018 ; 14790726 (ISSN) Vaezi, M ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Routledge  2018
    Drawing on a modified version of Delphi technique, the researchers in this study tried to develop a rubric comprising the main criteria to be considered in the evaluation of works of fiction. Review of the related literature, as well as the administration of a Likert scale questionnaire, and a series of unstructured interviews with experts in the fields of literature and creative writing, led to the identification of ten elements which were used in the construction of the first version of the rubric. To ensure its validity, a number of distinguished creative writing professors were asked to review this assessment tool and comment on its appropriateness for measuring the intended construct.... 

    Stress intensity factors of multiple axisymmetric interface cracks in an isotropic layer with FGM coating under torsional loading

    , Article Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures ; Volume 15, Issue 6 , 2019 , Pages 1352-1365 ; 15736105 (ISSN) Tavakoli, A ; Pourseifi, M ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Emerald Group Publishing Ltd  2019
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical analysis of the fracture behavior of multiple axisymmetric interface cracks between a homogeneous isotropic layer and its functionally graded material (FGM) coating under torsional loading. Design/methodology/approach: In this paper, the authors employ the distributed dislocation technique to the stress analysis, an FGM coating-substrate system under torsional loading with multiple axisymmetric cracks consist of annular and penny-shaped cracks. First, with the aid of the Hankel transform, the stress fields in the homogeneous layer and its FGM coating are obtained. The problem is then reduced to a set of singular integral equations... 

    Development of a rubric for evaluating creative writing: a multi-phase research

    , Article New Writing ; Volume 16, Issue 3 , 2019 , Pages 303-317 ; 14790726 (ISSN) Vaezi, M ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Routledge  2019
    Drawing on a modified version of Delphi technique, the researchers in this study tried to develop a rubric comprising the main criteria to be considered in the evaluation of works of fiction. Review of the related literature, as well as the administration of a Likert scale questionnaire, and a series of unstructured interviews with experts in the fields of literature and creative writing, led to the identification of ten elements which were used in the construction of the first version of the rubric. To ensure its validity, a number of distinguished creative writing professors were asked to review this assessment tool and comment on its appropriateness for measuring the intended construct.... 

    Iranian doctoral students’ shared experience of English-medium publication: the case of humanities and social sciences

    , Article Higher Education ; Volume 80, Issue 2 , Desember , 2020 , Pages 255-271 Mansouri Nejad, A ; Qaracholloo, M ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Springer  2020
    The present study was an attempt to explore international English-medium publication in humanities and social sciences in Iran. In so doing, 50 PhD students from 8 humanities and social sciences disciplines, who had already published or attempted to publish in English-medium journals, were requested to write reflection guide accounts and to take part in follow-up semi-structured interviews. The reflection guide and interview data were analyzed based on the principles of grounded theory research yielding the four major themes of motivations, hurdles, strategies, and call for support. The results indicated that the Iranian PhD students in the fields of humanities and social sciences are... 

    The impact of computer-aided concept mapping on EFL learners' lexical diversity: A process writing experiment

    , Article ReCALL ; Volume 33, Issue 3 , 2021 , Pages 214-228 ; 09583440 (ISSN) Hassanzadeh, M ; Saffari, E ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Cambridge University Press  2021
    Nowadays, many second/foreign language (L2) academic writing instruction programs place a high premium on pre-writing strategies. The current study examined the effect of software-supported concept mapping on lexical diversity (LD) of English learners' argumentative essays within a process writing framework. Additionally, the relationship between the learners' LD and their overall writing quality was investigated. To this end, 53 university English as a foreign language (EFL) undergraduates were assigned to a computer-aided concept mapping (CACM) and a traditional outlining condition over a span of seven weeks. The CACM group was instructed through the graphic organizer software... 

    On the dissemination of the discourse of going: The case of Iranian for-profit study abroad institution's chronotopic representation of ideal life there

    , Article Language and Communication ; Volume 80 , September , 2021 , Pages 11-24 ; 02715309 (ISSN) Jamshidi, S ; Rezaei, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2021
    This research addresses the escalation of the ‘discourse of going’ among Iranian educated people in recent years through highlighting the influential role played by for-profit study abroad institutions. Utilizing a discourse-analytic approach, we engage the theoretical concept of chronotope, caliberation, and commodification to investigate the ways through which for-profit study abroad institutions represent the images of ‘life beyond’. The data were obtained in interview sessions with ten certified Iranian study-abroad institutions. The results of the data analysis revealed two main themes, namely, hypothetical utopia there and dystopia here as well as success here-and-now and... 

    Adaptive sliding mode control of a piezo-actuated bilateral teleoperated micromanipulation system

    , Article Precision Engineering ; Volume 35, Issue 2 , 2011 , Pages 309-317 ; 01416359 (ISSN) Motamedi, M ; Ahmadian, M. T ; Vossoughi, G ; Rezaei, S. M ; Zareinejad, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Piezoelectric actuators are widely used in micro manipulation applications. However, hysteresis nonlinearity limits the accuracy of these actuators. This paper presents a novel approach for utilizing a piezoelectric nano-stage as the slave manipulator of a teleoperation system based on a sliding mode controller. The Prandtl-Ishlinskii (PI) model is used to model actuator hysteresis in feedforward scheme to cancel out this nonlinearity. The presented approach requires full state and force measurements at both the master and slave sides. Such a system is costly and also difficult to implement. Therefore, sliding mode unknown input observer (UIO) is proposed for full state and force... 

    An area-scalable human-based mobility model

    , Article Computer Networks ; Volume 177 , 2020 Gharib, M ; Foroozani, A ; Rezaei, S ; Hemmatyar, A. M. A ; Movaghar, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2020
    Mobile networks have been growing rapidly, where it is of paramount importance to evaluate the performance of any protocol designed for such networks before deployment. Mobility is one of the main mobile network issues that directly affects performance metrics. Since mobile nodes are often carried by their owners, nodes movement should be modeled according to humans movement. In this paper, we extend our previously published human mobility model based on real collected data. The real human movement is traced, cleaned up and analyzed. To the best of our knowledge, our collected data set is the only one that contains the detail of both walking and driving nodes. The analysis shows several... 

    Modeling and evaluation of multi-hop wireless networks using SRNs

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering ; Volume 8, Issue 1 , 2021 , Pages 662-679 ; 23274697 (ISSN) Entezari Maleki, R ; Gharib, M ; Rezaei, S ; Trivedi, K. S ; Movaghar, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    IEEE Computer Society  2021
    As multi-hop wireless networks are attracting more attention, the need to evaluate their performance becomes essential. In order to evaluate the performance metrics of multi-hop wireless networks, including sending and receiving rates of a node as well as the collision probability, a model based on Stochastic Reward Nets (SRNs) is proposed. The proposed SRN models a typical node in such networks, considered as a general template to be applied to any wireless node. The SRN model of a single node is designed to take transmission effects of all neighboring nodes into account, while ignoring the ones whose transmission has no effect on the node under-study. Applying the proposed SRN to each node... 

    Probing the local bubble with diffuse interstellar bands. II. The dib properties in the northern hemisphere

    , Article Astrophysical Journal ; Volume 800, Issue 1 , February , 2015 ; 0004637X (ISSN) Farhang, A ; Khosroshahi, H. G ; Javadi, A ; Van Loon, J. Th ; Bailey, M ; Molaeinezhad, A ; Tavasoli, S ; Habibi, F ; Kourkchi, E ; Rezaei, S ; Saberi, M ; Hardy, L ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Physics Publishing  2015
    We present a new high signal-to-noise ratio spectroscopic survey of the Northern hemisphere to probe the Local Bubble and its surroundings using the λ5780Å and λ5797Å diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs). We observed 432 sightlines to a distance of 200 pc over a duration of three years. In this study, we establish the λ5780 and λ5797 correlations with Na I, Ca II and EB-V, for both inside and outside the Local Bubble. The correlations show that among all neutral and ionized atoms, the correlation between Ca ii and λ5780 is stronger than its correlation with λ5797, suggesting that λ5780 is more associated with regions where Ca+ is more abundant. We study the λ5780 correlation with λ5797, which... 

    Past, present, and future of global health financing: a review of development assistance, government, out-of-pocket, and other private spending on health for 195 countries, 1995–2050

    , Article The Lancet ; Volume 393, Issue 10187 , 2019 , Pages 2233-2260 ; 01406736 (ISSN) Chang, A.Y ; Cowling, K ; Micah, A. E ; Chapin, A ; Chen, C. S ; Ikilezi, G ; Sadat, N ; Tsakalos, G ; Wu, J ; Younker, T ; Zhao, Y ; Zlavog, B. S ; Abbafati, C ; Ahmed, A. E ; Alam, K ; Alipour, V ; Aljunid, S. M ; Almalki, M. J ; Alvis Guzman, N ; Ammar, W ; Andrei, C. L ; Anjomshoa, M ; Antonio, C. A. T ; Arabloo, J ; Aremu, O ; Ausloos, M ; Avila Burgos, L ; Awasthi, A ; Ayanore, M. A ; Azari, S ; Azzopardi Muscat, Natasha ; Bagherzadeh, M ; Bärnighausen, T. W ; Baune, B. T ; Bayati, M ; Belay, Y. B ; Belay, Y. A ; Belete, H ; Berbada, D. A ; Berman, A. E ; Beuran, M ; Bijani, A ; Busse, R ; Cahuana Hurtado, L ; Cámera, L. A ; Catalá López, F ; Chauhan, B.G ; Constantin, M. M ; Crowe, C. S ; Cucu, A ; Dalal, K ; De Neve, J. W ; Deiparine, S ; Demeke, F. M ; Do, H. P ; Dubey, M ; El Tantawi, M ; Eskandarieh, S ; Esmaeili, R ; Fakhar, M ; Fazaeli, A. A ; Fischer, F ; Foigt, N. A ; Fukumoto, T ; Fullman, N ; Galan, A ; Gamkrelidze, A ; Gezae, K. E ; Ghajar, A ; Ghashghaee, A ; Goginashvili, K ; Haakenstad, A ; Bidgoli, H. H ; Hamidi, S ; Harb, H. L ; Hasanpoor, E ; Hassen, H. Y ; Hay, S. I ; Hendrie, D ; Henok, A ; Heredia-Pi, I ; Herteliu, C ; Hoang, C. L ; Hole, M. K ; Rad, E. H ; Hossain, N ; Hosseinzadeh, M ; Hostiuc, S ; Ilesanmi, O. S ; Irvani, S. S. N ; Jakovljevic, M ; Jalali, A ; James, S. L ; Jonas, J. B ; Jürisson, M ; Kadel, R ; Matin, B. K ; Kasaeian, A ; Kasaye, H. K ; Kassaw, M. W ; Karyani, A. K ; Khabiri, R ; Khan, J ; Khan, M. N ; Khang, Y. H ; Kisa, A ; Kissimova Skarbek, Katarzyna ; Kohler, S ; Koyanagi, A ; Krohn, K. J ; Leung, R ; Lim, L. L ; Lorkowski, S ; Majeed, A ; Malekzadeh, R ; Mansourian, M ; Mantovani, L. G ; Massenburg, B. B ; Mckee, M ; Mehta, V ; Meretoja, A ; Meretoja, T. J ; Kostova, N. M ; Miller, T. R ; Mirrakhimov, E. M ; Mohajer, B ; Darwesh, A. M ; Mohammed, S ; Mohebi, F ; Mokdad, A. H ; Morrison, S. D ; Mousavi, S. M ; Muthupandian, S ; Nagarajan, A. J ; Nangia, V ; Negoi, I ; Nguyen, C. T ; Nguyen, H. K. T ; Nguyen, S. H ; Nosratnejad, S ; Oladimeji, O ; Olgiati, S ; Olusanya, J. O ; Onwujekwe, O. E ; Otstavnov, S. S ; Pana, A ; Pereira, D. M ; Piroozi, B ; Prada, S.I ; Qorbani, M ; Rabiee, M ; Rabiee, N ; Rafiei, A ; Rahim, F ; Rahimi Movaghar, Vafa ; Ram, U ; Ranabhat, C. L ; Ranta, A ; Rawaf, D. L ; Rawaf, S ; Rezaei, S ; Roro, E. M ; Rostami, A ; Rubino, S ; Salahshoor, M ; Samy, A. M ; Sanabria, J ; Santos, J. V ; Milicevic, M. M. S ; Sao Jose, B. P ; Savic, M ; Schwendicke, F ; Sepanlou, S. G ; Sepehrimanesh, M ; Sheikh, A ; Shrime, M. G ; Sisay, S ; Soltani, S ; Soofi, M ; Srinivasan, V ; Tabarés Seisdedos, R ; Torre, A ; Tovani-Palone, M. R ; Tran, B. X ; Undurraga, E. A ; Valdez, P. R ; Van Boven, J. F. M ; Vargas, V ; Veisani, Y ; Violante, F. S ; Vladimirov, S. K ; Vlassov, V ; Vollmer, S ; Vu, G. T ; Wolfe, C. D. A ; Yonemoto, N ; Younis, M. Z ; Yousefifard, M ; Zaman, S. B ; Zangeneh, A ; Zegeye, E. A ; Ziapour, A ; Chew, A ; Murray, C. J. L ; Dieleman, J. L ; Sharif University of Technology
    Lancet Publishing Group  2019
    Background: Comprehensive and comparable estimates of health spending in each country are a key input for health policy and planning, and are necessary to support the achievement of national and international health goals. Previous studies have tracked past and projected future health spending until 2040 and shown that, with economic development, countries tend to spend more on health per capita, with a decreasing share of spending from development assistance and out-of-pocket sources. We aimed to characterise the past, present, and predicted future of global health spending, with an emphasis on equity in spending across countries. Methods: We estimated domestic health spending for 195...