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    A system dynamics approach to analyze water resources systems

    , Article 31st IAHR Congress 2005: Water Engineering for the Future, Choices and Challenges, 11 September 2005 through 16 September 2005 ; 2005 , Pages 4991-5000 ; 8987898245 (ISBN); 9788987898247 (ISBN) Bagheri, A ; Baradarannia, M.R ; Sarang, A ; Hjorth, P ; Byong-Ho J ; Sang I.L ; Won S.I ; Gye-Woon C ; Sharif University of Technology
    Korea Water Resources Association  2005
    Several mathematical modeling approaches are used to model water resources systems such as deterministic and non-deterministic, lumped and distributed, steady and dynamic, simulation and optimization approaches. All these modeling paradigms - categorized as open systems - assume that the input conditions to the system will not change during their operation. What is happening in the real world is somewhat different. Due to their dynamic behaviors, real world events exert feedbacks from their outputs to their inputs which may cause the input conditions vary with time. This is the main focus of the system dynamics theory which has been introduced in this paper to be applied in water resources...