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    Optimum mechanism for rehabilitation of fingers

    , Article 5th RSI International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics, IcRoM 2017, 25 October 2017 through 27 October 2017 ; 2018 , Pages 451-456 ; 9781538657034 (ISBN) Yekta, R ; Zohoor, H ; Shirzadi, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc  2018
    Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, humans are looking for ways to cure various diseases. Meanwhile, musculoskeletal injuries usually have a long treatment period. Therefore, in recent years, Researchers working one exoskeleton with rehabilitation application which conduct physiotherapy tasks. In current study, a portable two degree of freedom hand exoskeleton is designed which its mechanism is a combination of cable and link mechanism, MCP1 1Metacarpophalangeal joint between metacarpal and proximal phalanges joints move by link mechanism, DIP2 2Distal interphalangeal joint between proximal phalanges and middle phalanges and PIP3 3Proximal interphalangeal joint between middle...