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    Growth of Na0.3WO3 nanorods for the field emission application

    , Article Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics ; Volume 42, Issue 20 , 2009 ; 00223727 (ISSN) Azimirad, R ; Khademi, A ; Akhavan, O ; Zaker Moshfegh, A. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Na0.3WO3 1D nanostructure forms (nanorods and nanobelts) were grown by a solid-liquid-solid mechanism from a 40 nm sputtered tungsten film deposited on a soda-lime substrate and annealed at 700 °C in a tubular furnace in N2 ambient. The morphology, structure, composition and chemical state of the prepared nanostructures were characterized by SEM, XRD, TEM, SAED and XPS measurements. The Na0.3WO3 1D nanostructures were found to have a cubic crystalline structure and grown along the [0 0 1] direction. The nanorods are a few micrometres in length and about 50 nm in diameter. The field-emission application of the prepared samples at different distances between the cathode and the anode was... 

    Improved efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells aided by corn-like TiO2 nanowires as the light scattering layer

    , Article Electrochimica Acta ; Volume 90 , 2013 , Pages 302-308 ; 00134686 (ISSN) Bakhshayesh, A. M ; Mohammadi, M. R ; Dadar, H ; Fray, D. J ; Sharif University of Technology
    We present a new TiO2 morphology, featuring highly crystalline anatase structure, synthesized by a two consecutive hydrothermal operation for the manufacture of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). This construct is a one-dimensional (1D) nanostructure (i.e., nanowire) with interconnected nanoparticles on the surface with a large percentage of reactive facets, so called corn-like nanowire. Such morphology is produced by a surface modification concept using surface tension stress mechanism. The double layer DSSC made of anatase-TiO2 nanoparticles as the under-layer and corn-like TiO 2 nanowires as the over-layer (as light scattering layer) shows higher conversion efficiency of 7.11% and short... 

    Nanoparticle catalysts

    , Article Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics ; Volume 42, Issue 23 , 2009 ; 00223727 (ISSN) Zaker Moshfegh, A. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this review, the importance of nanoparticles (NPs), with emphasis on their general and specific properties, especially the high surface-to-volume ratio (A/V), in many technological and industrial applications is studied. Some physical and chemical preparation methods for growing several metallic and binary alloy NP catalysts are reviewed. The growth and mechanism of catalytic reactions for synthesis of 1D nanostructures such as ZnO nanowires and multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are discussed. Gas-phase production with emphasis on dependence of catalytic activity and selectivity on size, shape and structure of NPs is also investigated. Application of NP catalysts in several...