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    The study of different factors’ effects on the oil futures price by applying agent-based model

    , Article International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy ; Volume 8, Issue 3 , 2018 , Pages 76-81 ; 21464553 (ISSN) Karimi, M.S ; Maleki, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Econjournals  2018
    An agent-based model is employed for simulating the price of oil futures. The model proceeds as follows: On each time step agents choose their rule for price expectation formation. Next, they bid and ask based on their price and trend expectations. The new price is formed using “the market mechanism”. Finally, the time steps forward and the process is repeated in the next day. The agents use 6 different rules to make price and trend expectations. Brent future prices in a 2-year-period (2010-2011) and in 2012 are used for model calibration and validation, respectively. It was shown that market participants weigh U.S. stocks data more than other factors, while OECD stock’s data were not that... 

    Investigation of the Feasibility and the Model of Energy-based Interactions between Iran and Iraq

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Maleksabet, Abbas (Author) ; Maleki, Abbas (Supervisor)
    In this project Iran and Iraq energy relation is investigate. Considering the Importance and the capacity of Iran and Iraq in world and Middle East energy and the geopolitics of these two countries, a good economic relationship between them, especially in energy domain, can highly improve their sustainable relations. In this research the Agent Based Modeling is used for studying Iran and Iraq relationship. In Agent Based Modeling the overall system behavior is made up of individual agents’ behavior. In this modeling, the agents decide based on their own behavioral rules and also their status. In this study Iran and Iraq are modelled as two agents. The state of the two countries in energy,... 

    An Agent-Based Modeling of Consensus in Complex Networks with Machine Learning Methods

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Momeni Taramsari, Naghmeh (Author) ; Golestani, Jamaloddin (Supervisor) ; Ghodsi, Mohammad (Supervisor) ; Nobakhti, Amin (Supervisor)
    In this thesis, the individuals’ decision process to achieve consensus in complex networks is modeled. A set of experiments with volunteered participants were run, in which the person is a node in a network with 35 other nodes who behave based on a prescribed model. Each participant is tested twice, once with and once without reward. Performance of individuals in the two experiment types and the effect of structural properties of the underlying network on the results are studied. It is observed that increase in the characteristic path length, diameter, clustering coefficient and local efficiency of the network adversely affects consensus.On the other hand, global efficiency and closeness... 

    Developing an Object Oriented Agent Based Platform for Optimizing Gas Transmission Networks

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Ahmad Asasi, Mohammad (Author) ; Bozorgmehri, Ramin (Supervisor)
    Nowadays, one of the most challenging issues concerning the manufacturing industries is the shortage of available resources and their increased costs. As a matter of the fact, for these industries, optimizing the processes is not something to be ignored and one of the most important goals is reducing the costs of manufacturing and increasing the profits of sales. On the other hand, in actual situations, due to the complexities of optimization problem and numerous calculations, the classical methods would be limited to very simplistic cases in which most of the practical changes are ignored. In such problems, the need to use strong optimization techniques like the genetic algorithm is evident... 

    Agent Based Modeling of Housing Market

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Mazhari Kadijani, Nahid (Author) ; Ramezanian, Rasoul (Supervisor) ; Haji Mirsadeghi, Mir Omid (Co-Advisor)
    Housing is one of the important staple goods. The main different between housing market and the other markets is limitation of stock at short term. So it is very important to regularize housing market for apropos accountability and according to society consumption demand. This document introduce the result of an agent based modeling of housing market. There are agents that find out the maximum utility for choosing one of following house related conditions: purchase, sale and lease agreement. In fact in this model people have two phases. The effect of land value taxation for regularization of housing market will analyses with this model. Its seems that by implementation of mentioned tax, the... 

    Assessment of Seismic Retrofit Policies for Buildings

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Movahedi, Ali (Author) ; Kashani, Hamed (Supervisor)
    Occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquake could seriously damage most buildings especially those with insufficient resistance located in urban worn-out textures. In order to reduce unpleasant consequences of an earthquake, appropriate policies need to be considered to persuade the beneficiaries to follow retrofitting standards in the process of planning, designing, and construction of buildings. These policies shall be implemented through institutions in arbitrary or obligatory forms, by encouragement or penalty mechanisms. In order to consider these policies, first of all we need to identify the beneficiaries and their particulars. By studying and considering subjects discussed in... 

    Simulation of the Cellular Dynamics of Bone Remodeling and its Control Mechanisms

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Amiri, Behnam (Author) ; Zohoor, Hassan (Supervisor) ; Sohrabpour, Saeed (Co-Advisor)
    Bone is one of the most important biomechanical organs in animal bodies which comprises of a dynamic tissue that can change its internal structure through remodeling process. A comprehensive understanding of this process is of great significance in prevention and cure of many bone diseases. Due to the special conditions of hard bone tissue, empirical studies on the details of bone processes is very costly and time consuming. Thus, mathematical models and in silico simulations are key to unraveling how bone homeostasis imbalance can lead to pathological conditions. Therefore, in the recent years, there has been an increasing interest in modeling bone remodeling process in cellular level. In... 

    A Simulation for Better Understanding of Integrin Clustering and Activation

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Shams, Shahab (Author) ; Motahhari, Abolfazl (Supervisor)
    Today, computer simulations are employed prevalently by researchers to understand biological processes. The tendency to use computational methods has been increased recently due to the high costs and errors of experimental methods. Integrins are membrane proteins that mechanically attach cells to the extra cellular matrix (ECM) and derive some behaviors such as cell migration. Moreover, integrins have biochemical functions. They transduce environment signals and trigger chemical pathways. As a result, integrins regulate cell shape, motility, etc. The investigation of integrin behavior in a real environment is very difficult due to the presence of many other proteins that interfere with the... 

    Hybrid Multiscale Modeling of Cancer Cell Behavior

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Zangooei, Mohammad Hossein (Author) ; Habibi, Jafar (Supervisor)
    Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide.Cancer modeling is increasingly being recognized as a powerful tool to refine hypotheses, focus experiments, and enable predictions that are more accurate.We investigate a three-dimensional multiscale model of vascular tumour growth, which couples blood flow, angiogenesis, vascular remodelling, nutrient/growth factor transport, movement of, and interactions between, normal and tumour cells. We constructed a hybrid multi- scale agent-based model that combines continuous and discrete methods.Each cell is represented as an agent. The agents have rules that they must... 

    Social distancing in pedestrian dynamics and its effect on disease spreading

    , Article Physical Review E ; Volume 104, Issue 1 , 2021 ; 24700045 (ISSN) Sajjadi, S ; Hashemi, A ; Ghanbarnejad, F ; Sharif University of Technology
    American Physical Society  2021
    Nonpharmaceutical measures such as social distancing can play an important role in controlling the spread of an epidemic. In this paper, we use a mathematical model combining human mobility and disease spreading. For the mobility dynamics, we design an agent-based model consisting of pedestrian dynamics with a novel type of force to resemble social distancing in crowded sites. For the spreading dynamics, we consider the compartmental susceptible-exposed-infective (SEI) dynamics plus an indirect transmission with the footprints of the infectious pedestrians being the contagion factor. We show that the increase in the intensity of social distancing has a significant effect on the exposure... 

    Integrating evolutionary game theory into an agent-based model of ductal carcinoma in situ: Role of gap junctions in cancer progression

    , Article Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine ; Volume 136 , 2016 , Pages 107-117 ; 01692607 (ISSN) Malekian, N ; Habibi, J ; Zangooei, M. H ; Aghakhani, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ireland Ltd 
    Background and objective There are many cells with various phenotypic behaviors in cancer interacting with each other. For example, an apoptotic cell may induce apoptosis in adjacent cells. A living cell can also protect cells from undergoing apoptosis and necrosis. These survival and death signals are propagated through interaction pathways between adjacent cells called gap junctions. The function of these signals depends on the cellular context of the cell receiving them. For instance, a receiver cell experiencing a low level of oxygen may interpret a received survival signal as an apoptosis signal. In this study, we examine the effect of these signals on tumor growth. Methods We make an... 

    An agent-based model for optimal voltage control and power quality by electrical vehicles in smart grids

    , Article 15th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, DCAI 2018, 20 June 2018 through 22 June 2018 ; Volume 801 , 2019 , Pages 388-394 ; 21945357 (ISSN); 9783319996073 (ISBN) Hadizade, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Springer Verlag  2019
    The electric power industry is the main part of Science development, and today, with the advent of technology, the demand for electric power has been expanded. On the other hand, smart grids are developing heavily. One of the notable features of these networks is the presence of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). The addition of these cars to the network has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important issues in smart grids is network management and control of critical system parameters. In this paper the effect of these cars on the grid is investigated. These vehicles impose an increase in production capacity in the uncontrolled charge mode. They also have the... 

    Modelling and Simulation of Melanoma Cancer, Based on Cellular Automata Approaches

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Rad, Jaber (Author) ; Habibi, Jafar (Supervisor)
    Nowadays, M&S is critical as a powerful tool for human to fight against cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most widespread cancers and melanoma would be the most dangerous kind of it. In cancerous micro-environment, cancer cells interact with vasculature, and compete with normal cells over nutrients. This plays a major role in tumor progression pattern and speed. In recent years, a few multiscale models have been developed considering these phenomena. Such a model provides a platform for future researches, especially in drug effects prediction. A reliable simulation must satisfy the constraints and facts in the real world as much as possible. M&S credibility assessment is a major concern to... 

    The Ethics of Information: Foundation to Regulate Moral Framework for Distributed Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), such as Bitcoin

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Asgarinia, Hale (Author) ; Taqavi, Mostafa (Supervisor)
    Information and communications technologies have affected the human world rapidly, which challenges the facing today’s information society. Extensive use and impact of these technologies in different aspects of human life have led to an information revolution. This revolution, changes in our understanding of the human nature and physical world. The human is an information organism among the other agents which is living in the informational environment, that is called the infosphere. Moreover, the information revolution has caused to emerge of “Bitcoin”; a phenomenon that is changing economic relations. Bitcoin is a “crypto-currency” and “encrypted payment system” that relying on a... 

    Analysis of Organizational Learning Using Hybrid Simulation Involving Agent-based and System Dynamics Models

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Khaleghparast, Sharif (Author) ; Akhavan Niaki, Taghi (Supervisor) ; Mashayekhi, Alinaghi (Co-Advisor)
    Integrated modeling of learning makes happen simultaneous investigation and analysis of the interaction among different scales, abstraction levels and contexts within an organization. Enquiry of the organization, organizational unit and individual employee scales at levels of low and high abstraction within temporal, spatial and event-driven contexts may have conspicuous impact on perspicuousness of learning concept, as well as the creation of productive policy making opportunities which improves system performance measurements and their influencing causes. By development in multi-method approach to system modeling, integrated representation of learning has got recently feasible. Thus, a... 

    Interactive Consequences between Oil Markets and Behavior of Sanctioner and Sanctioned Countries: Case of Iran

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Karimi, Mohammad Sadegh (Author) ; Maleki, Abbas (Supervisor)
    Sanctions are one of the most important variables influencing Iran's domestic and international decision-making and have had many effects on Iran's economy and politics in recent years. Iran's ability to influence the oil market and harm the interests of the sanctioning countries in this market raises the question of whether such a capability could affect the outcome of sanctions and lead to the withdrawal of those sanctioning countries. A theoretical examination of the issue of sanctions using game theory shows that if the sanctioned country is not able to retaliate in areas other than the disputed issue, the sanctions game may not reach an equilibrium in which the sanctions are lifted but... 

    Industrial Symbiosis Analysis between Biogas Plants and Photovoltaic Greenhouses, Using Geographic Information System

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Gholizadeh, Saba (Author) ; Roshandel, Ramin (Supervisor)
    Meeting the energy demand of agricultural greenhouses has turned out to be the most important challenge of greenhouse cultivation. In this study, it is proposed to use the concept of industrial symbiosis between agricultural greenhouses and biogas plants to face this challenge. The main purpose of the study is to investigate the potential clean greenhouse area that may be supported by the proposed symbiotic network, in order to provide a decision-making tool for the relevant policymakers. The methodology is based on the agent-based input-output matching economic analysis. The amount of biogas produced by poultry and cattle manure is estimated to be 0.6 (m3 / kg VS) and 0.47 (m3 / kg VS)... 

    Resilience Analysis of Energy Supply Networks by Agent-based Modelling and Simulation

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Adelipour, Sajjad (Author) ; shadrokh Sikari, Shahram (Supervisor)
    In this thesis, the resilience of energy supply networks and the application of Agent Based Modeling in the resilience analysis of power microgrids are studied. The main idea is to use microgrids as a solution to make power systems resilient. A microgrid with autonomous agents consisting of renewable resources, non-dispatchable generators, dispatchable generators, residential loads, critical loads, battery storages, and microgrid controller is investigated. Each agent is autonomous and has independent behavior such that the interaction between these agents produces emergent phenomena at the system level in the microgrid. In the developed model, residential consumers try to optimize their... 

    Towards a bounded-rationality model of multi-agent social learning in games

    , Article 2010 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, ISDA'10, Cairo, 29 November 2010 through 1 December 2010 ; 2010 , Pages 142-148 ; 9781424481354 (ISBN) Hemmati, M ; Sadati, N ; Nili, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    This paper deals with the problem of multi-agent learning of a population of players, engaged in a repeated normal-form game. Assuming boundedly-rational agents, we propose a model of social learning based on trial and error, called "social reinforcement learning". This extension of well-known Q-learning algorithm, allows players within a population to communicate and share their experiences with each other. To illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed learning algorithm, a number of simulations on the benchmark game of "Battle of Sexes" has been carried out. Results show that supplementing communication to the classical form of Q-learning, significantly improves convergence speed towards... 

    Optimal agent framework: a novel, cost-effective model articulation to fill the integration gap between agent-based modeling and decision-making

    , Article Complexity ; Volume 2021 , 2021 ; 10762787 (ISSN) Taghavi, A ; Khaleghparast, S ; Eshghi, K ; Sharif University of Technology
    Hindawi Limited  2021
    Making proper decisions in today's complex world is a challenging task for decision makers. A promising approach that can support decision makers to have a better understanding of complex systems is agent-based modeling (ABM). ABM has been developing during the last few decades as a methodology with many different applications and has enabled a better description of the dynamics of complex systems. However, the prescriptive facet of these applications is rarely portrayed. Adding a prescriptive decision-making (DM) aspect to ABM can support the decision makers in making better or, in some cases, optimized decisions for the complex problems as well as explaining the investigated phenomena. In...