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1 مقاله Streaming algorithms for line simplification Abam, M. A. 2010 Streaming algorithms.
2 مقاله Analytical solution for the free vibration analysis of delaminated timoshenko beams Jafari Talookolaei, R. A. Vibration.
3 مقاله Hydrodynamic optimization of marine propeller using gradient and non-gradientbased algorithms Taheri, R. 2013 Vortex lattice.
4 مقاله An efficient hybrid approach based on K-means and generalized fashion algorithms for cluster analysis Aghamohseni, A. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2015 Clustering algorithms.
5 مقاله Two metaheuristics to solve a multi-item multiperiod inventory control problem under storage constraint and discounts Pasandideh, S. H. R. 2013 Inventory control.
6 مقاله Diagnosis of coronary artery disease using data mining techniques based on symptoms and ECG features Alizadehsani, R. EuroJournals, Inc, 2012 SMO algorithm.
7 مقاله Color quantization with clustering by F-PSO-GA Alamdar, F. Clustering algorithms.
8 مقاله Diagnosis of coronary artery disease using cost-sensitive algorithms Alizadehsani, R. 2012 Data mining.
9 مقاله An improved constant-factor approximation algorithm for planar visibility counting problem Alipour, S. Springer Verlag, 2016 Approximation algorithms.
10 مقاله Complexity of computing the anti-ramsey numbers for paths Amiri, S. A. Schloss Dagstuhl- Leibniz-Zentrum fur Informatik GmbH, Dagstuhl Publishing, 2020 Trees (mathematics)
11 پایان نامه الگوریتم های کارا برای آزمون دیدپذیری اشیا و شمارش آنها Efcient Algorithms for Visibility Testing of Objects and Counting علیپور،شراره Alipour, Sharareh صنعتی شریف 1395 هندسه محاسباتی Computational Geometry / الگوریتم تصادفی Randomized Algorithm / الگوریتم تقریبی Approximate Algorithm / الگوریتم قابلیت دید Visibility Algorithm 19-48842
12 پایان نامه کاربرد ولگشت کوانتومی در الگوریتم های جستجو Quantum Walk Application in Search Algorithms قربان فکر، حسین Ghorban Fekr, Hossein صنعتی شریف 1389 الگوریتم کوانتومی Quantum Algorithm / الگوریتم جستجو Search Algorithm / قدم زدن کوانتومی Quantum Walk / الگوریتم گرور Grover Algorithm 04-41497
13 مقاله An ACO algorithm for the graph coloring problem [electronic resource] / M. Salari, Kourosh Eshghi. Salari, M. (Majid). System testing.
14 مقاله An algorithmic approach for finding deletion correcting codes Khajouei, F. Codes (symbols)
15 مقاله Accuracy versus run time in an adiabatic quantum search Rezakhani, A. T. 2010 Algorithms.
16 مقاله Implementation of a robust algorithm for prediction of forming limit diagrams Ganjiani, M. 2008 Metal forming.
17 مقاله Hybrid meta-heuristic algorithms for solving network design problem Poorzahedy, H. 2007 Network architecture.
18 مقاله Bicriteria two-machine flowshop scheduling using metaheuristics Mansouri, S. A. 2007 Scheduling algorithms.
19 مقاله A MAC protocol equipped by a novel transmission scheduling algorithm for wireless LANs Ghaboosi, K. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2006 Medium access control.
20 مقاله Tight online conflict-free coloring of intervals Abam, M. A. Sharif University of Technology, 2021 Internet.