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    Investigation of humidity effect on the air refractive index using an optical fiber design

    , Article Journal of Applied Sciences ; Volume 11, Issue 16 , 2011 , Pages 3022-3027 ; 18125654 (ISSN) Mehrabani, A ; Golnabi, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this study operation of an optical design based on the intensity modulation for the refractive index change has been described. The reported instrument measures the transmitted output power depending up on the medium refractive index in the light path of a fiber-to-fiber design. A liquid cell is located between the fibers in the light path and power variations for different cold and hot water levels in the cell are measured. By using a reference humidity meter the calibration curve representing the relative humidity (%RH) as a function of the transmitted output power is obtained. For the hot water with the final temperature of T = 32.7°C the output power range of 255.0 -313.OnW is... 

    On the Importance of Noncrystalline Phases in Semicrystalline Electrospun Nanofibers

    , Article ACS Applied Polymer Materials ; Volume 3, Issue 12 , 2021 , Pages 6315-6325 ; 26376105 (ISSN) Soleimani, F ; Mazaheri, M ; Pellerin, C ; Bagheri, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    American Chemical Society  2021
    Tailoring the properties of electrospun fibers requires a detailed understanding and control of their microstructure. We investigate the structure/property relationships in fabrics of randomly aligned fibers of polylactide, a prevalent biopolymer, either as-spun or after annealing and solvent-induced crystallization. In-depth characterization by field-emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM), wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD), attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR), and modulated temperature differential scanning calorimetry (MT-DSC) reveals that the as-spun fibers comprise crystalline and mesomorphic phases, as well as oriented but mobile amorphous chain...