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1 مقاله Wavelength assignment in hybrid quantum-classical networks Bahrani, S. Nature Publishing Group, 2018 Noise.
2 مقاله A new approach to study the Zeno effect for a macroscopic quantum system under frequent interactions with a harmonic environment Ghasemi, F. Nature Publishing Group, 2019 Environmental parameters.
3 مقاله Erratum: A novel procedure for conversion of epoxides to α-hydroxyphosphonates with a trialkylphosphite mediated by LiClO 4 (Tetrahedron Letters (2003) 44 (7933) DOI: 10.1016/j.tetlet.2003. 09.002) Azizi, N. 2005 Retracted article.
4 مقاله A topology-dynamics-based control strategy for multi-dimensional complex networked dynamical systems Bahadorian, M. Nature Research, 2019 Nonhuman.
5 مقاله Drift-diffusion explains response variability and capacity for tracking objects Daneshi, A. Nature Publishing Group, 2019 Male.
6 مقاله Immediate effects of lumbosacral orthosis on postural stability in patients with low back pain: A preliminary study Azadinia, F. Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, 2019 Standing.
7 مقاله Interview based connectivity analysis of EEG in order to detect deception Daneshi Kohan, M. Churchill Livingstone, 2020 Male.
8 مقاله Multi-Target tracking of human spermatozoa in phase-contrast microscopy image sequences using a hybrid dynamic bayesian network Arasteh, A. Nature Publishing Group, 2018 Spermatozoon.
9 مقاله Highly efficient and catalyst-free synthesis of unsymmetrical thioureas under solvent-free conditions Ziyaei Halimehjani, A. 2009 Column chromatography.
10 مقاله Investigation of cervical spine curvature in females with postural neck pain Salahzadeh, Z. Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, 2017 Spine disease.
11 مقاله P 043 – Center of pressure progression and ground reaction forces are altered in cerebral palsy crouch gait Salehi, A. Elsevier B.V, 2018 Standing.
12 مقاله O 027 - There are common patterns of muscle synergy in cerebral palsy crouch gait Shojaeefard, M. Elsevier B.V, 2018 Standing.
13 مقاله Design and evaluation of an articulated ankle foot orthosis with plantarflexion resistance on the gait: A case series of 2 patients with hemiplegia Daryabor, A. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, 2020 Walking speed.
14 مقاله The sources of stigma and the impacts on Afghan refugees with substance abuse disorders: A qualitative study in Iran Deilamizade, A. Routledge, 2020 Workplace.
15 مقاله Comparison of the effects of growth hormone on acylated ghrelin and following acute intermittent exercise in two levels of obesity Gholipour, M. 2013 Oxygen consumption.
16 مقاله Optimization of a fed-batch fermenter producing baker's yeast using simulated annealing method Ghahremani, H. 2009 Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
17 مقاله Environmental impact assessment modeling in an urban man-made lake using fuzzy logic Jassbi, J. 2009 Fuzzy logic.
18 مقاله Quantitative determination of optical trapping strength and viscoelastic moduli inside living cells Mas, J. 2013 Viscoelastic Substances.
19 مقاله A molecular dynamics simulation study of nanomechanical properties of asymmetric lipid bilayer Maftouni, N. 2013 Molecular dynamics simulation.
20 مقاله Pyridinium salts - Versatile reagents for the regioselective synthesis of functionalized thiazocino[2,3-b]indoles by tandem dinucleophilic reactions of thiooxindoles Kiamehr, M. 2012 Synthesis.