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    Facile and efficient one-pot protocol for the synthesis of benzoxazole and benzothiazole derivatives using molecular iodine as catalyst

    , Article Synthetic Communications ; Volume 36, Issue 17 , 2006 , Pages 2543-2548 ; 00397911 (ISSN) Matloubi Moghaddam, F ; Rezanejade Bardajee, G ; Ismaili, H ; Taimoory, S. M. D ; Sharif University of Technology
    Rapid and efficient condensation reactions of 2-aminothiophenol and 2-aminophenol with various aldehydes were carried out using I2 in solvent-free conditions with or without microwave irradiation to afford the corresponding 2-substituted benzothiazole and benzoxazole derivatives in good to excellent yields. Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC  

    Oxidative cyclization of thiobenzanilides to benzothiazoles using N-Benzyl-DABCO tribromide under mild conditions

    , Article Synlett ; Issue 10 , 2005 , Pages 1612-1614 ; 09365214 (ISSN) Moghaddam, F. M ; Boeini, H. Z ; Sharif University of Technology
    N-benzyl-DABCO tribromide, a stable, crystalline organic ammonium tribromide (OATB), have been used as an alternative electrophilic bromine source for the efficient oxidative cyclization of thiobenzanilides to the corresponding benzothiazoles under mild conditions. © Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart  

    Investigating the effects of amino acid-based surface modification of carbon nanoparticles on the kinetics of insulin amyloid formation

    , Article Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces ; Volume 176 , 2019 , Pages 471-479 ; 09277765 (ISSN) Kalhor, H. R ; Yahyazadeh, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2019
    Surface functionality of nanoparticles has been pivotal in defining interactions of nanoparticles and biomolecules. To explore various functionalities on the surface of nanoparticle through a facile procedure, various carbon-based nanoparticles, modified with a specific natural amino acid, were synthesized; the amino acids were chosen in order that almost all classes of amino acids were included. After characterizations of the nanoparticles using several spectroscopic methods, the effects of surface modification of nanoparticles were examined against amyloid formation, exploiting insulin as a model amyloidogenic polypeptide. Although most amino acids afforded carbon nanoparticles, only... 

    Discovery of a tetracyclic indole alkaloid that postpones fibrillation of hen egg white lysozyme protein

    , Article International Journal of Biological Macromolecules ; Volume 183 , 2021 , Pages 1939-1947 ; 01418130 (ISSN) Ashrafian, H ; Zadeh, E.H ; Tajbakhsh, M ; Majid, N ; Srivastava, G.N ; Khan, R.H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2021
    Protein aggregation, such as amyloid fibril formation, is molecular hallmark of many neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Prion disease. Indole alkaloids are well-known as the compounds having the ability to inhibit protein fibrillation. In this study, we experimentally and computationally have investigated the anti-amyloid property of a derivative of a synthesized tetracyclic indole alkaloid (TCIA), possessing capable functional groups. The fibrillation reaction of Hen White Egg Lysozyme (HEWL) was performed in absence and presence of the indole alkaloid. For quantitative analysis, we used Thioflovin T binding assay which showed ~50% reduction in fibril...