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    Asphaltene deposition in carbonate rocks: Experimental investigation and numerical simulation

    , Article Energy and Fuels ; Volume 26, Issue 10 , June , 2012 , Pages 6186-6199 ; 08870624 (ISSN) Kord, S ; Miri, R ; Ayatollahi, S ; Escrochi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Oil production from asphaltenic oil reservoirs has always encountered difficulties, such as plugging and unpredictable fluid properties. To physically recognize the aspects of asphaltene deposition, several dynamic and static asphaltene deposition tests were designed and performed on one of the giant south Iranian oil reservoirs using dead and live crude oil and real core samples. Moreover, the effects of fluid velocity on the extent of damage were investigated. It was found that surface deposition of asphaltene particles is the main source of formation damages in the porous media and the resulting permeability impairment obeys an exponential behavior. All of the experiments confirm that... 

    A comparison between high-resolution central and Godunov-based schemes for the black-oil simulation

    , Article International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow ; Volume 19, Issue 2 , 2009 , Pages 125-145 ; 09615539 (ISSN) Karimi, A ; Naderan, H ; Manzarii, M. T ; Hannani, S. K ; Sharif University of Technology
    Purpose - This paper aims to perform a comparative study between capabilities of two numerical schemes from two main branches of numerical methods for solving hyperbolic conservation equations. Design/methodology/ approach - The accuracy and performance of a newly developed high-resolution central scheme vs a higher-order Godunov-based method are evaluated in the context of black-oil reservoir simulations. Both methods are modified enabling study of applications that are not strictly hyperbolic and exhibit local linear degeneracies in their wave structure. Findings - The numerical computations show that while both schemes produce results with virtually the same accuracy, the Godunov method...