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    Elimination of the effect of bottom-plate capacitors in C-2C DAC using a layout technique

    , Article Microelectronics Journal ; Volume 46, Issue 12 , 2015 , Pages 1275-1282 ; 00262692 (ISSN) Khorami, A ; Sharifkhani, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    An efficient layout technique is proposed to eliminate the effect of the bottom-plate capacitors in a C-2C Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). Using this technique, the bottom-plate capacitors of 2C capacitors in the C-2C structure are placed in parallel with 1C capacitors. Then, the effect of the bottom plate capacitors is nulled by modifying the size of the main 1C capacitors. Hence, avoiding the complexity of calibration, this technique can preclude the effect of the bottom-plate to ground capacitance. Statistical simulations prove that the proposed technique is robust to non-ideal effects such as mismatch or parasitic capacitors. A 10-bit C-2C DAC is modeled in COMSOL Multiphysics using... 

    Low-power bottom-plate sampling capacitor-splitting DAC for SAR ADCs

    , Article Electronics Letters ; Volume 52, Issue 11 , 2016 , Pages 913-915 ; 00135194 (ISSN) Yazdani, B ; Khorami, A ; Sharifkhani, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institution of Engineering and Technology  2016
    A highly energy-efficient switching method for capacitor-splitting digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) in successive approximation register (SAR) analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) is presented. In the proposed DAC, a bottom-plate sampling method is introduced which requires only one reference voltage (Vcm = 1/2Vref) during the entire DAC switching steps. Therefore, in addition to the switching energy reduction, the precision of the DAC is increased since only one reference voltage is used. The DAC average switching energy and the area are reduced by 98.44% and 50% compared with the conventional binary weighted DAC