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    Fabrication of PLA/PEG/MWCNT electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds for anticancer drug delivery

    , Article Journal of Applied Polymer Science ; Volume 132, Issue 3 , August , 2015 ; 00218995 (ISSN) Anaraki, N. A ; Rad, L. R ; Irani, M ; Haririan, I ; Sharif University of Technology
    John Wiley and Sons Inc  2015
    In the present study, polylactic acid (PLA)/polyethylene glycol (PEG)/multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds were prepared via electrospinning process and their applications for the anticancer drug delivery system were investigated. A response surface methodology based on Box-Behnken design (BBD) was used to evaluate the effect of key parameters of electrospinning process including solution concentration, feeding rate, tip-collector distance (TCD) and applied voltage on the morphology of PLA/PEG/MWCNT nanofibrous scaffolds. In optimum conditions (concentration of 8.15%, feeding rate of 0.2 mL/h, voltage of 18.50 kV and TCD of 13.0 cm), the minimum experimental...