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1 مقاله Numerical simulation of turbulent boundary layers of surfaces covered with foul release and antifouling coatings Kianejad, S. S. Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, 2016 Roughness.
2 مقاله Developing a mathematical model for the complete kinetic cycle of direct synthesis of DME from Syngas through the CFD technique Vafajoo, L. 2009 Syngas.
3 مقاله CFD modeling of gas-liquid hydrodynamics in a stirred tank reactor Gorji, M. 2007 Stirred tank reactor.
4 مقاله A Three dimensional dynamic CFD simulation for the direct dme production in a fixed bed reactor Moradi, F. 2013 Modeling.
5 مقاله An experimental and numerical prediction of marine propeller noise under cavitating and non-cavitating conditions Bagheri, M. R. Brodarski Institute, 2015 Propeller noise.
6 مقاله Temperature gradient and wind profile effects on heavy gas dispersion in build up area Kashi, E. Wind profile.
7 مقاله Temperature gradient and wind profile effects on heavy gas dispersion in build up area Kashi, E. Wind profile.
8 مقاله Rans simulation of hydrofoil effects on hydrodynamic coefficients of a planing catamaran Najafi, A. Brodarski Institute, 2016 Hydrodynamic coefficients.
9 مقاله Geometry optimization of a fibrous scaffold based on mathematical modelling and CFD simulation of a dynamic cell culture Tajsoleiman, T. Elsevier B.V, 2016 Tissue engineering.
10 مقاله Computer simulations of pressure and velocity fields in a human upper airway during sneezing Rahiminejad, M. Elsevier Ltd, 2016 Sneeze.
11 مقاله A new investigation on tunnel pool fire phenomenon using CFD technique Babapoor, A. Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2018 Tunnel fire.
12 مقاله Numerical investigation of a portable incinerator: A parametric study Pour, M. S. MDPI AG, 2020 Portable incinerator.
13 مقاله Direct conversion of methane to methanol over v 2O 5/Sio 2 catalyst in a fixed-bed reactor utilizing a CFD model Vafajoo, L. Methane.
14 مقاله An investigation of empirical formulation and design optimisation of co-flow fluidic thrust vectoring nozzles Banazadeh, A. Cambridge University Press, 2017 Computational fluid dynamics.
15 پایان نامه طراحی سیستم "دیوار خورشیدی " برای مصارف تولید حرارت رسولی پور، سهند Rasouli Pour, Sahand صنعتی شریف 1388 دینامیک سیالات محاسباتی Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) / دیوار خورشیدی Solar Wall 08-40298
16 مقاله A three dimensional CFD simulation and optimization of direct DME synthesis in a fixed bed reactor Moradi, F. Modeling.
17 مقاله A novel aerodynamic design method for centrifugal compressor impeller Nili-Ahmadabadi, M. Quasi-3D.
18 مقاله Experimental and numerical investigation of a 60cm diameter bladeless fan Jafari, M. Isfahan University of Technology Fw-hnoise formulations.
19 مقاله Effect of vortex generators on hydrodynamic behavior of an underwater axisymmetric hull at high angles of attack Dehghan Manshadi, M. Springer Verlag, 2017 Wind tunnel.
20 مقاله Efficient computational design of a scaffold for cartilage cell regeneration Tajsoleiman, T. MDPI AG, 2018 Tissue engineering.