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    Nanoparticle catalysts

    , Article Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics ; Volume 42, Issue 23 , 2009 ; 00223727 (ISSN) Zaker Moshfegh, A. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this review, the importance of nanoparticles (NPs), with emphasis on their general and specific properties, especially the high surface-to-volume ratio (A/V), in many technological and industrial applications is studied. Some physical and chemical preparation methods for growing several metallic and binary alloy NP catalysts are reviewed. The growth and mechanism of catalytic reactions for synthesis of 1D nanostructures such as ZnO nanowires and multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are discussed. Gas-phase production with emphasis on dependence of catalytic activity and selectivity on size, shape and structure of NPs is also investigated. Application of NP catalysts in several... 

    The effect of microstructure on the photocatalytic properties of TiO2

    , Article Advanced Materials Research, 26 October 2009 through 29 October 2009 ; Volume 264-265 , 2011 , Pages 1340-1345 ; 10226680 (ISSN) ; 9783037850534 (ISBN) Khameneh Asl, S ; Kianpour Rad, M ; Sadrnezhaad, S. K ; Vaezi, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Titanium dioxide is a cheap, chemically stable and non-toxic material. However its photocatalytic properties are unstable and it is a modest semiconductor and a mediocre insulator. For several applications it would be interesting to make it either more insulating or more conducting. The goal of this work was to modify the photocatalytic properties of nano-crystalline TiO2 powders by wet chemical routes and hydrothermal methods to understand the mechanism leading to these modifications The principal factors that influence the photocatalytic properties are on the one hand the concentration and nature of the chemical and physical conditions in TiO2, and on the other hand the morphology of the...