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1 پایان نامه ارزیابی حکمرانی آب در حوضه آبریز دریاچه ارومیه و اثرات آن بر وضعیت منابع آب حوضه در چارچوب مدیریت انطباقی (Adaptive Management) Analysis of Water Governance’s Effects in Urmia Lake’s Basin on Water Resources According to Adaptive Management Framework سراوانی، سروش Saravani, Soroush صنعتی شریف 1396 قضاوت خبرگان Expert Judgment / دریاچه ارومیه Urumieh Lake / حکمرانی آب Water Gavernance / مدیریت انطباقی Adaptive Management / تحلیل مقایسه ای کیفی مجموعه فازی Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis 09-50331
2 مقاله Comparative analysis of the boundary transfer method with other near-wall treatments based on the k-ε turbulence model Nazif, H. R. Wall function.
3 مقاله On degrees of freedom of the cognitive mimo two-interfering multiple-access channels Ayoughi, S. A. 2013 Mechanics.
4 مقاله The use of ANN to predict the hot deformation behavior of AA7075 at low strain rates Jenab, A. 2013 Strain rate.
5 مقاله Error control schemes in solar energy harvesting wireless sensor networks Jalali, F. 2012 Wireless sensor networks.
6 مقاله Comparative analysis of speech dereverberation in noisy acoustical environments Joorabchi, M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2015 Speech intelligibility.
7 مقاله Evolutionary optimization approaches for direct coupling photovoltaic-electrolyzer systems Sayedin, F. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2015 Evolutionary algorithms.
8 مقاله Formants analysis of American, Australian and British accents Chupan, J. Human computer interaction.
9 مقاله Comparative analysis of different static mixers performance by CFD technique: An innovative mixer Haddadi, M. M. Chemical Industry Press, 2020 Mixers (machinery)
10 مقاله Prediction of BLEVE mechanical energy by implementation of artificial neural network Hemmatian, B. Elsevier Ltd, 2020 Neural networks.
11 مقاله A comprehensive comparative investigation on solar heating and cooling technologies from a thermo-economic viewpoint—A dynamic simulation Jafari Mosleh, H. John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2021 Absorption cooling.
12 مقاله Nonsingular terminal sliding mode control with ultra-local model and single input interval type-2 fuzzy logic control for pitch control of wind turbines Abrazeh, S. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2021 Fuzzy control.
13 مقاله Assessment of offshore structures under extreme wave conditions by Modified Endurance Wave Analysis Dastan Diznab, M. A. Persian Gulf.
14 مقاله A dynamic fuzzy interactive approach for DG expansion planning Esmi Jahromi, M. 2012 Optimization.
15 مقاله Comparative analysis of hydrate formation pressure applying cubic equations of state (eos), artificial neural network (ann) and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (anfis) Zeinali, N. Hydration.
16 مقاله A comparative analysis of some one-dimensional shape memory alloy constitutive models based on experimental tests Sayyaadi, H. 2012 Strain analysis.
17 مقاله Reliability/energy trade-off in Bluetooth error control schemes Khodadoustan, S. 2011 Energy efficiency.
18 مقاله Optimal coupled spacecraft rendezvous and docking using multi-objective optimization Moradi, R. 2010 Multiobjective optimization.
19 مقاله Calculation, measurement and sensitivity analysis of kinetic parameters of tehran research reactor Hosseini, S. A. 2010 Transient analysis.
20 مقاله Performability/energy tradeoff in error-control schemes for on-chip networks Ejlali, A. Error correction.