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1 مقاله Multiscale probability distribution of pressure fluctuations in fluidized beds Ghasemi, F. 2012 Turbulence.
2 مقاله Rans simulation of hydrofoil effects on hydrodynamic coefficients of a planing catamaran Najafi, A. Brodarski Institute, 2016 Hydrodynamic coefficients.
3 مقاله Unsteady aerodynamic analysis of different multi-MW horizontal axis wind turbine blade profiles on SST K-ω model Radmanesh, A. R. Springer Verlag, 2018 Wind turbine.
4 مقاله Numerical investigation of a portable incinerator: A parametric study Pour, M. S. MDPI AG, 2020 Portable incinerator.
5 مقاله Numerical simulations of turbulent flow around side-by-side circular piles with different spacing ratios Beheshti, A. A. Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2017 Vortex.
6 پایان نامه طراحی سیستم "دیوار خورشیدی " برای مصارف تولید حرارت رسولی پور، سهند Rasouli Pour, Sahand صنعتی شریف 1388 دینامیک سیالات محاسباتی Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) / دیوار خورشیدی Solar Wall 08-40298
7 مقاله Multi-objective trade-off analysis of an integrated cold gas propulsion system Banazadeh, A. 2013 Product design.
8 مقاله Characterization of interfacial hydrodynamics in a single cell of shaken microtiter plate bioreactors applying computational fluid dynamics technique Pouran, B. 2012 Orbital shaking bioreactor.
9 مقاله Retina-Choroid-Sclera Permeability for Ophthalmic Drugs in the Vitreous to Blood Direction: Quantitative Assessment Haghjou, N. Springer, 2012 Retina-choroid-sclera permeability.
10 مقاله Numerical aerodynamic evaluation and noise investigation of a Bladeless fan Jafari, M. Isfahan University of Technology, 2015 Numerical simulation.
11 مقاله Experimental and numerical investigation of a 60cm diameter bladeless fan Jafari, M. Isfahan University of Technology Fw-hnoise formulations.
12 مقاله Effect of vortex generators on hydrodynamic behavior of an underwater axisymmetric hull at high angles of attack Dehghan Manshadi, M. Springer Verlag, 2017 Wind tunnel.
13 مقاله Hydrodynamic analysis of trimaran vessels Javanmardi, M. 2008 Maneuvering.
14 مقاله A modified pressure-based algorithm to solve flow fields with shock and expansion waves Darbandi, M. 2004 Signal to noise ratio.
15 مقاله Computational study of parameters affecting turbulent flat plate film cooling Mahjoob, S. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2004 Flat plates.
16 مقاله Lattice Boltzmann method on quadtree grids for simulating fluid flow through porous media: A new automatic algorithm Foroughi, S. Flow of fluids.
17 مقاله 3D-1D simulation of flow in fontan operation: effects of antegrade flow on flow pulsations Monjezi, M. Computational fluid dynamics.
18 مقاله Computational fluid-dynamics-based analysis of a ball valve performance in the presence of cavitation Tabrizi, A. S. Computational fluid dynamics.
19 مقاله CFD based optimization of the mixture formation in spark ignition direct injection CNG engine Chitsaz, I. Direct injection.
20 مقاله Experimental analysis of a Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube for optimizing nozzle numbers and diameter Mohammadi, S. 2013 Vortex flow.