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1 مقاله Targeted pulmonary drug delivery in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) therapy: A patient-specific in silico study based on magnetic nanoparticles-coated microcarriers adhesion Ebrahimi, S. Elsevier B.V, 2021 SARS-CoV-2.
2 مقاله Numerical approach to unbiased and driven generalized elastic model Ghasemi Nezhadhaghighi, M. Stochastic Processes.
3 مقاله Real time simulation of grasping procedure of large internal organs during laparoscopic surgery Dehghani Ashkezari, H. 2012 Spleen.
4 مقاله Existence of chaos in the fractional order unified system: The lowest effective dimension Tavazoei, M. S. Computer simulation.
5 مقاله Analytical model for sight distance analysis on three-dimensional highway alignments Hassan, Y. Computer software.
6 مقاله Expectation propagation for large scale Bayesian inference of non-linear molecular networks from perturbation data Narimani, Z. 2017 Signal Transduction.
7 مقاله Determination of residual stresses in autofrettaged compound tubes for different geometries Mohammadi, M. 2008 Residual stresses.
8 مقاله SimDiv: A new solution for protein comparison Sayyadi, H. 2008 Proteins.
9 مقاله Assisted passive snake-like robots: Conception and dynamic modeling using Gibbs-Appell method Vossoughi, G. 2008 Intelligent robots.
10 مقاله Optimization of a process synthesis superstructure using an ant colony algorithm Raeesi, B. 2008 Structure (composition)
11 مقاله Unreliability of frequency-domain approximation in recognising chaos in fractional-order systems Tavazoei, M. S. 2007 Systems analysis.
12 مقاله An enhanced random-walk method for content locating in P2P networks Ronasi, K. 2007 Network protocols.
13 مقاله Genetic multivariable PID controller based on IMC Kermanshachi, Sh. 2007 Fuzzy systems.
14 مقاله High resolution simulations of unstable modes in a collisionless disc Khoperskov, A. V. 2007 Astrophysics.
15 مقاله An 8-bit 300MS/S switched-current pipeline ADC in 0.18μm CMOS Sedighi, B. 2007 CMOS integrated circuits.
16 مقاله Experimental and theoretical investigation of twin-entry radial inflow gas turbine with unsymmetrical volute under fulland partial admission conditions Aghaali, H. 2007 Gas turbines.
17 مقاله A parametric study on residual stresses and forging load in cold radial forging process Ameli, A. 2007 Force measurement.
18 مقاله Incremental learning of planning operators in stochastic domains Safaei, J. Springer Verlag, 2007 Learning systems.
19 مقاله Formalizing compatibility and substitutability in communication protocols using I/O-constraint automata Niamanesh, M. Springer Verlag, 2007 Network protocols.
20 مقاله A new approach to reduce the dynamic order of induction generators Varahram, M. H. Acta Press, 2007 Asynchronous generators.