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1 مقاله Effect of mozart music on hippocampal content of BDNF in postnatal rats Marzban, M. 2011 Sound pressure.
2 مقاله A polypyrrole-based sorptive microextraction coating for preconcentration of malathion from aquatic media Bagheri, H. Water sampling.
3 مقاله Potential of Calendula alata for phytoremediation of stable cesium and lead from solutions Borghei, M. 2011 Calendula.
4 مقاله Disc size markedly influences concentration profiles of intravenously administered solutes in the intervertebral disc: A computational study on glucosamine as a model solute Motaghinasab, S. Models, Biological.
5 مقاله Investigation of segregation of large particles in a pressurized fluidized bed with a high velocity gas: A discrete particle simulation Alavi Shoushtari, N. 2013 Segregation.
6 مقاله Spectrophotometric determination of sulfide based on peroxidase inhibition by detection of purpurogallin formation Ghadiri, M. 2013 Water Pollutants, Chemical.
7 مقاله Localized surface plasmon resonance sensor for simultaneous kinetic determination of peroxyacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide Tashkhourian, J. 2013 Surface plasmon resonance.
8 مقاله Evaluating the effect of ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for a long-term magnetic cell labeling Shanehsazzadeh, S. 2013 Surface property.
9 مقاله The agglomeration kinetics of aluminum hydroxide in Bayer process Bahrami, M. 2012 Temperature sensitivity.
10 مقاله Megavoltage dose enhancement of gold nanoparticles for different geometric set-ups: Measurements and monte carlo simulation Mousavie Anijdan, S. H. 2012 Tumor volume.
11 مقاله Phytoremediation of stable Cs from solutions by Calendula alata, Amaranthus chlorostachys and Chenopodium album Moogouei, R. 2011 Calendula.
12 مقاله Designed amino acid feed in improvement of production and quality targets of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody Torkashvand, F. Public Library of Science, 2015 Response surface method.
13 مقاله A copper-catalyzed synthesis of functionalized quinazolines from isocyanides and aniline tri- and dichloroacetonitrile adducts through intramolecular C-H activation Nematpour, M. Tautomerization.
14 مقاله Fabrication of porous scaffolds with decellularized cartilage matrix for tissue engineering application Nasiri, B. Academic Press, 2017 Tissue engineering.
15 مقاله Permeability mapping of gelatin methacryloyl hydrogels Miri, A. K. Young modulus.
16 مقاله A study of liquid drainage rate from foam with population balance equation: impact of bubble evolution Shafiei, Y. Springer Verlag, 2018 Priority journal.
17 مقاله Complete steric exclusion of ions and proton transport through confined monolayer water Gopinadhan, K. American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2019 Water flow.
18 مقاله Correlation between concentrations of chlorophyll-a and satellite derived climatic factors in the Persian Gulf Moradi, M. Elsevier Ltd, 2020 Persian Gulf.
19 مقاله Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of WO3 nanoparticles prepared by the arc discharge method in deionized water Ashkarran, A. A. 2008 X ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
20 مقاله Optimization of solid-phase microextraction of volatile phenols in water by a polyaniline-coated Pt-fiber using experimental design Mousavi, M. 2007 Water Pollutants.