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1 مقاله Condensate blockage study in gas condensate reservoir Rahimzadeh, A. Elsevier, 2016 Skin.
2 مقاله Nano-coated condensation surfaces enhanced the productivity of the single-slope solar still by changing the condensation mechanism Zanganeh, P. Elsevier Ltd, 2020 Condensation.
3 مقاله Environmental evaluation and assessment of some important factors of oil contamination in soil around sarkhoun gas refinery of ar abbas Ebrahimi, S. Vapour condensations.
4 مقاله Production of silver nanometric powders via Inert Gas Condensation (IGC) method Ahmadi, R. 2005 Gas phase Condensation(Igc)
5 مقاله Experimental investigation of a novel passive solar still with additional condensation on sidewalls Shafii, M. B. Water vapor.
6 مقاله Productivity enhancement of solar stills by nano-coating of condensing surface Zanganeh, P. Elsevier B.V, 2019 Solar power.
7 مقاله An experimental phase diagram of a gas condensate reservoir Kamari, E. 2012 Phase diagrams.
8 مقاله Growth of ZNO nanostructures on porous silicon and oxidized porous silicon substrates Rajabi, M. ZnO.
9 مقاله Wettability alteration of reservoir rocks to gas wetting condition: a comparative study Erfani Gahrooei, H. R. Wiley-Liss Inc, 2018 Wettability alteration.
10 مقاله The efficient synthesis of carbon–carbon double bonds via Knoevenagel condensation using red mud packed in a column Khezri, S. H. 2007 Packed column.
11 مقاله A simple and efficient synthesis of new indeno- and naphtho-fused thiophenes using arylthioacetamides Moghaddam, F. M. 2006 Interamolecular condensation.
12 مقاله A diffusion-controlled kinetic model for growth of Au-catalyzed ZnO nanorods: Theory and experiment Hejazi, S. R. 2007 Zinc oxide.
13 پایان نامه پایش آب کندانس برگشتی و بهینه سازی آن به منظور استفاده در دیگ بخار شرکت کشت و صنعت حکیم فارابی Monitoring & Optimizing of the Returned Condensated Water as Boiler Make up Water at the Agro-Industry Hakim Farabi Boilers عسکری بزایه، حسین Askary Bozayeh, Hossein دانشگاه صنعتی شریف 1392 بهینه سازی آب میعان برگشتی Returned Condensated Water Optimization / حذف شکر از آب میعان Deletion Sugar in Condensate / پایش آب میعان Condensate Water Monitoring / استفاده از غشای اسمز معکوس Use Reverse Osmosis 03-44487
14 مقاله Evolving an accurate model based on machine learning approach for prediction of dew-point pressure in gas condensate reservoirs Majidi, S. M. J. Forecasting.
15 مقاله Development of a new workflow for pseudo-component generation of reservoir fluid detailed analysis: A gas condensate case study Assareh, M. Mixtures.
16 مقاله Challenges of fluid phase behavior modeling in Iranian retrograde gas condensate reservoirs Nasriani, H. R. Taylor and Francis Inc, 2015 Gas condensates.
17 مقاله Droplet condensation on chemically homogeneous and heterogeneous surfaces Ashrafi, A. American Institute of Physics Inc, 2016 Condensation.
18 مقاله Swirl intensity as a control mechanism for methane purification in supersonic gas separators Ghorbanian, K. Elsevier B.V, 2020 Air purification.
19 مقاله Condensation enhancement on hydrophobic surfaces using electrophoretic method and hybrid paint coating Najafpour, S. Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2020 Condensation.
20 مقاله Condensation enhancement on hydrophobic surfaces using electrophoretic method and hybrid paint coating Najafpour, S. Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2021 Condensation.