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    Neuroplasticity in dynamic neural networks comprised of neurons attached to adaptive base plate

    , Article Neural Networks ; Volume 75 , 2016 , Pages 77-83 ; 08936080 (ISSN) Joghataie, A ; Shafiei Dizaji, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2016
    In this paper, a learning algorithm is developed for Dynamic Plastic Continuous Neural Networks (DPCNNs) to improve their learning of highly nonlinear time dependent problems. A DPCNN is comprised of a base medium, which is nonlinear and plastic, and a number of neurons that are attached to the base by wire-like connections similar to perceptrons. The information is distributed within DPCNNs gradually and through wave propagation mechanism. While a DPCNN is adaptive due to its connection weights, the material properties of its base medium can also be adjusted to improve its learning. The material of the medium is plastic and can contribute to memorizing the history of input-response similar...