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1 مقاله Dysregulation of lncRNAs in circulation of patients with periodontitis: results of a pilot study Ghafouri Fard, S. BioMed Central Ltd, 2021 RNA, Long Noncoding.
2 مقاله Efficiency studies of modified IFAS-OSA system upgraded by an anoxic sludge holding tank Fazelipour, M. Nature Research, 2021 Plant yield.
3 مقاله Two statistical methods for resolving healthy individuals and those with congestive heart failure based on extended self-similarity and a recursive method Atyabi, F. 2006 Statistical analysis.
4 مقاله Effects of an exercise therapy targeting knee kinetics on pain, function, and gait kinetics in patients with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized clinical trial Bokaeian, H. R. Human Kinetics Publishers Inc, 2021 Osteoarthritis, Knee.
5 مقاله Subject-specific compressive tolerance estimates Davis, K. G. IOS Press, 2003 Multivariate analysis.
6 مقاله The effects of anxiety and external attentional focus on postural control in patients with Parkinson’s disease Jazaeri, S. Z. Public Library of Science, 2018 Posture.
7 مقاله Optimization of operating parameters and rate of uranium bioleaching from a low-grade ore Rashidi, A. Uranium mine.
8 مقاله Behavior of tilted angle shear connectors Khorramian, K. Public Library of Science, 2015 Tilted angle shear connector.
9 مقاله Highly dispersible and magnetically recyclable poly(1-vinyl imidazole) brush coated magnetic nanoparticles: An effective support for the immobilization of palladium nanoparticles Pourjavadi, A. Royal Society of Chemistry Synthesis.
10 مقاله The role of mscl amphipathic n terminus indicates a blueprint for bilayer-mediated gating of mechanosensitive channels Bavi, N. Nature Publishing Group, 2016 Bacteria (microorganisms)
11 مقاله MFP-Unet: A novel deep learning based approach for left ventricle segmentation in echocardiography Moradi, S. Associazione Italiana di Fisica Medica, 2019 Two dimensional echocardiography.
12 مقاله Trial-by-trial surprise-decoding model for visual and auditory binary oddball tasks Modirshanechi, A. Academic Press Inc, 2019 Stimulus.
13 مقاله Quantifying how staining methods bias measurements of neuron morphologies Farhoodi, R. Frontiers Media S.A, 2019 Rodent.
14 مقاله Interview based connectivity analysis of EEG in order to detect deception Daneshi Kohan, M. Churchill Livingstone, 2020 Male.
15 مقاله The effect of temperature on eccentric contraction-induced isometric force loss in isolated perfused rat medial gastrocnemius muscle Vasaghi Gharamaleki, B. Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2008 Temperature.
16 مقاله Equity or equality? Which approach brings more satisfaction in a kidney-exchange chain? Hosseinzadeh, A. MDPI, 2021 United States.
17 مقاله Estimation of nitrogen content in cucumber plant (Cucumis sativus L.) leaves using hyperspectral imaging data with neural network and partial least squares regressions Sabzi, S. Elsevier B.V, 2021 Process optimization.
18 مقاله The olfactory bulb modulates entorhinal cortex oscillations during spatial working memory Salimi, M. BioMed Central Ltd, 2021 Y-maze test.
19 مقاله Diagnosis of early Alzheimer's disease based on EEG source localization and a standardized realistic head model Aghajani, H. 2013 Models, Biological.
20 مقاله A new framework based on recurrence quantification analysis for epileptic seizure detection Niknazar, M. 2013 Wavelet Analysis.