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    Numerical Modeling of Waves Generated by Tropical Cyclone and its Effects on Oman Sea

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Taeb, Peyman (Author) ; Abbaspour Tehrani Fard, Majid (Supervisor)
    Sea and ocean waves develop in various ways especially by blowing wind over them. Modeling of these waves has been in center of interest for half a century. After the pioneering study of Gelchi et al (1995), ocean wave models are generally base on a spectral energy or action balance equation. Ocean storms such as tropical cyclone will develop if the atmospheric and oceanic conditions are available. Their Rotational and transition movement causes different patterns of waves. In 2007, cyclone Gonu, a tropical cyclone that formed in Indian ocean and have steered to Oman Sea and also caused damages and casualties in southern coast of Iran. Since intense tropical cyclones such as Gonu have... 

    Numerical Simulation and Investigation of Impact of Climate Change on Probability Occurrence of Tropical Cyclone in Sea of Oman and Persian Gulf

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Ilami, Dariush (Author) ; Abbaspour Tehrani Fard, Madjid (Supervisor)
    Super cyclone GONU formed on June 2007 has been recognized the strongest tropical cyclone in the North Indian Ocean (NIO). The aim of this study is to numerically simulate the cyclone GONU and its resulting waves in the southern seas of Iran leading to the best parametric model to simulate future occurrence of tropical cyclones (TCs) in the NIO. In this regard, the best track data of the cyclone is extracted from Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). The cyclone GONU wind field is simulated by Young and Sobey, Holland, and Rankin models in order to determine the most appropriate model which is then considered for regenerating cyclonic wind fields over the Makran coastline and the sea of...