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    Active adversaries from an information-theoretic perspective: Data modification attacks

    , Article IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings ; 2014 , pp. 791-795 ; ISSN: 21578095 Mirmohseni, M ; Papadimitratos, P ; Sharif University of Technology
    We investigate the problem of reliable communication in the presence of active adversaries that can tamper with the transmitted data. We consider a legitimate transmitter-receiver pair connected over multiple communication paths (routes). We propose two new models of adversary, a 'memoryless' and a 'foreseer' adversary. For both models, the adversaries are placing themselves arbitrarily on the routes, keeping their placement fixed throughout the transmission block. This placement may or may not be known to the transmitter. The adversaries can choose their best modification strategy to increase the error at the legitimate receiver, subject to a maximum distortion constraint. We investigate... 

    Novel approaches for online modal estimation of power systems using PMUs data contaminated with outliers

    , Article Electric Power Systems Research ; Volume 124 , July , 2015 , Pages 74-84 ; 03787796 (ISSN) Farrokhifard, M ; Hatami, M ; Parniani, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Ltd  2015
    One of the most important issues in modal estimation of power systems using PMUs data is the negative effect of outliers. Hence, in addition to the techniques of analyzing PMUs data, the necessity of implementing some kinds of approach to overcome these outliers is tangible. This paper aims to present different approaches to overcome outliers and also estimate the electromechanical modes of the system accurately when there is suspicion that the PMUs data may be contaminated by discordant measurements. Proposed approaches are generally categorized into two main classifications: the first category detects and modifies outliers in the pre-processing stage adaptively and then prepares the...