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    Laboratory investigations on impulsive waves caused by underwater landslide

    , Article Coastal Engineering ; Volume 55, Issue 12 , December , 2008 , Pages 989-1004 ; 03783839 (ISSN) Ataie Ashtiani, B ; Najafi Jilani, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Laboratory investigations have been performed on the submarine landslide generated waves by performing 120 laboratory tests. Both rigid and deforming-slide masses are considered. The effects of bed slope angle, initial submergence, slide geometry, shape and deformation on impulse wave characteristics have been inspected. Impulse wave amplitude, period, energy and nonlinearity are studied in this work. The effects of bed slope angle on energy conversion from slide into wave are also investigated. Laboratory-based prediction equations are presented for impulse wave amplitude and period in near and far-field and are successfully verified using the available data in previous laboratory and... 

    Optimal design of powder compaction processes via genetic algorithm technique

    , Article Finite Elements in Analysis and Design ; Volume 46, Issue 10 , 2010 , Pages 843-861 ; 0168874X (ISSN) Khoei, A. R ; Keshavarz, S ; Biabanaki, S. O. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this paper, an optimal design is performed for powder die-pressing process based on the genetic algorithm approach. It includes the shape optimization of powder component, the optimal design of punch movements, and the friction optimization of powdertool interface. The genetic algorithm is employed to perform an optimal design based on a fixed-length vector of design variables. The technique is used to obtain the desired optimal compacted component by verifying the prescribed constraints. The numerical modeling of powder compaction simulation is applied based on a large deformation formulation, powder plasticity behavior, and frictional contact algorithm. A Lagrangian finite element...