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    Identification and Analysis of Root Causes of Construction Cost Overruns

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Esmaeili, Iraj (Author) ; Haj Kazem Kashani, Hamed (Supervisor)
    Project cost overrun is one of the most frequently occurring issues in the construction industry. Past research studies have investigated the project cost overrun problem from various perspectives. However, to date, only a few studies have focused on the identification of the root causes of projects cost overruns. A close review of these studies reveals that the studies often provide limited insight into the root causes of project cost overrun. These studies fail to consider the impact of project delivery system as a defining project characteristic that may influence construction cost overruns. In addition, past studies have relied on surveys that are not necessarily precise and highly... 

    A Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Approach to Sustainable Development Case Study of Hendurabi Island in Iran

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Mounesan, Ali Asghar (Author) ; Abrishamchi, Ahmad (Supervisor) ; Maknoon, Reza (Co-Supervisor)
    The main objective of this research is to provide a framework by which decision-makers can evaluate and compare alternatives for sustainable development planning under uncertain dynamic future considering the risk and uncertainty associated with human judgment as well as the uncertain future. This approach combines the Delphi method, fuzzy set theory, and a discrete multi-criteria method based on prospect theory (TODIM). TODIM (an acronym in Portuguese for iterative MCDM) method is a particular multi-criteria approach based on the prospect theory. A qualitative Delphi technique is used to identify a set of qualitative sustainability criteria and to rate the alternatives accordingly. The... 

    Assessment of Iran academic environmental education needs with climate change approach

    , Article International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology ; 2020 Ahmadi, A ; Abbaspour, M ; Afkhami Namin, N ; Sharif University of Technology
    Springer  2020
    The main goal of environmental education program developers is to train resourceful experts to work, study and solve environmental issues. Thus, it is essential to conform educational knowledge and skills according to countries needs along with scientific and technological progress. The present study aimed to assess needs of educational programs by considering climate change issues in Iranian Universities. Therefore, needs of higher education sector have been identified and some recommendations were given in line with objectives of training programs. The study applied random selection method to determine a number of environmental professionals to answer the designed questioner. Delphi method... 

    Evaluation of the Market Situation and Provide Some Strategies to Increase the Market Share of Protein Products in Tehran Meat Company (Solico-Kalleh)

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Taheri, Mostafa (Author) ; Eshraghniaye Jahromi, Abdolhamid (Supervisor)
    Due to the expansion of Industries, competition among manufactures is increasing. This increased competition includes increasing the number of competitors and the development of existing companies. In a competitive market, companies try to increase their market share and to maximize their profits by using different methods such as innovation in their products, pricing, marketing and other factors. In this study we introduce protein products market in Tehran and companies that compete in this market. Then we use an appropriate model to estimate the market share situation of Tehran meat products company (Solico). To find the market share situation, we need to know the effective characteristics... 

    A practical application of the Delphi method in maintenance-targeted resource allocation of distribution utilities

    , Article 2014 International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, PMAPS 2014 - Conference Proceedings ; 2014 ; ISBN: 9781480000000 Dehghanian, P ; Moeini-Aghtaie, M ; Fotuhi-Firuzabad, M ; Billinton, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Trying to find the most efficient and cost-effective decisions on the maintenance of different component types in power distribution systems is an increasingly challenging concern largely driven by the current financial constraints in distribution utilities worldwide. In regard to deal with this challenge, the paper presents a practical application of the Delphi method and the Modified Analytical Hierarchical Process (MAHP) that can be used to find the most critical component types of the system in order to assist in accordingly allocating the available maintenance budget. The proposed approach involves the experience and knowledge held by experts and the historical empirical performance... 

    Visibility of electric distribution utility performance to manage loss and reliability indices

    , Article Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology ; Volume 12, Issue 5 , 2017 , Pages 1764-1776 ; 19750102 (ISSN) Honarmand, M. E ; Ghazizadeh, M. S ; Kermanshah, A ; Haghifam, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    To achieve economic stability, distribution Company as an economic institution should be managed by various processes. In this way, knowledge of different processes is the first step. Furthermore, expectations, outputs, requirement data, and sub-processes should be extracted and determined. Accordingly, to assign the performance responsibility of each process, the decision making points must be introduced and, the deviation or change in set-points should be investigated into processes. Also, the performance of processes could be monitored by introducing of the sub-indictors. In this study, a practical method is presented for monitoring of reliability and power loss indices from viewpoint... 

    Ranking the sawability of ornamental stone using Fuzzy Delphi and multi-criteria decision-making techniques

    , Article International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences ; Volume 58 , 2013 , Pages 118-126 ; 13651609 (ISSN) Mikaeil, R ; Ozcelik, Y ; Yousefi, R ; Ataei, M ; Mehdi Hosseini, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    The main purpose of this study is to compare the many different rock properties in the rock sawability. The comparison was realized with the combination of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and Fuzzy Delphi method and also TOPSIS method. The analysis is one of the multi-criteria techniques providing useful support in selecting among several alternatives with different objectives and criteria. FDAHP method was used in determining the weights of the criteria by decision makers and then ranking the sawability of the rocks was determined by TOPSIS method. The study was supported by the results obtained from a questionnaire carried out to know the opinions of the experts in this subject....