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    Optimal DG sizing in primary distribution feeders using dynamic programming approach

    , Article 2012 11th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering, EEEIC 2012 - Conference Proceedings, 18 May 2012 through 25 May 2012, Venice ; 2012 , Pages 371-375 ; 9781457718281 (ISBN) Ahmadigorji, M ; Kenari, M. T ; Mehrasa, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    IEEE  2012
    Distributed generation (DG) corresponds to the application of small generating units which are the set up in distribution systems or near load centers. Utilization of DG influences various operational indices of the distribution feeders such as feeder loading, electrical losses and voltage profile. In addition, use of DG in its appropriate size is an essential tool to attain the DG maximum potential advantages. In this paper, an optimization method is proposed to determine the optimal size of DG in the distribution system. This method considers the system technical factors such as losses, voltage profile and loading of the primary distribution system feeders. The optimization process is... 

    Distribution system efficiency improvement by reconfiguration and capacitor placement using a modified particle swarm optimization algorithm

    , Article EPEC 2010 - IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference: "Sustainable Energy for an Intelligent Grid", 25 August 2010 through 27 August 2010 ; August , 2010 ; 9781424481880 (ISBN) Rezaei, P ; Vakilian, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Capacitor placement/setting is one of the main means for loss reduction and voltage profile improvement in distribution systems. If capacitor placement is meant, the objective function will be the cost of energy losses besides the capacitors costs in a specified period of time. Here, reconfiguration can be used as a strategy to reform the base configuration of the distribution network in order to place the capacitors more efficiently with lower costs. On the other hand, if capacitors are already available in a network, optimum capacitors setting and network reconfiguration should be performed for power loss minimization. In this paper both power loss minimization and capacitor placement cost...