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    Effects of surface residual stress and surface elasticity on the overall yield surfaces of nanoporous materials with cylindrical nanovoids

    , Article Mechanics of Materials ; Volume 51 , 2012 , Pages 74-87 ; 01676636 (ISSN) Moshtaghin, A. F ; Naghdabadi, R ; Asghari, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier  2012
    Mechanical properties of a material near the surfaces and interfaces are different from those of the same material far from the surfaces/interfaces. The effect of this difference on the effective mechanical properties of heterogeneous materials becomes significant when the size of inhomogeneities is at the scale of nanometers. In this article, within a micromechanical framework, the effects of surface residual stress and surface elasticity are taken into account to obtain a macroscopic size-dependent yield function for nanoporous materials containing aligned cylindrical nanovoids. Based on the modified Hill's condition, the strains are decomposed into two parts, a part due to the external... 

    Hierarchical multiscale modeling of nanotube-reinforced polymer composites

    , Article International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering ; Volume 7, Issue 5 , 2009 , Pages 395-408 ; 15431649 (ISSN) Ghanbari, J ; Naghdabad, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    A finite element-based hierarchical multiscale modeling scheme is presented and used for the analysis of nanotube-reinforced polymer composites. The scheme presented here consists of micro- and macroscale boundary value problems linked together using a computational homogenization scheme. Using the presented hierarchical multiscale scheme, we have studied nanotube-reinforced polymer composites, and the elastic properties are determined. Using different representative volume elements (RVEs) representing different volume fractions of aligned nanotubes, the effect of the nanotube volume fraction and the existence of an interphase layer on the effective elastic modulus of the nanocomposite are...