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    Design and Manufacturing Electromagnetic Actuator for Removal Brain Shunt Ventricular Catheter Obstruction

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Yaghoubi, Amin (Author) ; Akbari, Javad (Supervisor)
    Hydrocephalus is a desease which causes by unnatural accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain ventricles. One of the most convenient ways to treat hydrocephalus disease is to use a brain shunt which consists of ventricular catheter, valve and distal catheter. Ventricular catheter obstruction is the main reason for shunt replacement in the human brain. This project attempts to remove obstruction of the ventricular catheter by mechanical forces. For this purpose, a magnet and a variable magnetic field suggested to apply mechanical force on a brush sliding on the shunt. On the inner surface of the ring-shaped magnet, brushes have been embedded and the magnet is placed on the outer... 

    Optimal vibration control of rotors with an open edge crack using an electromagnetic actuator

    , Article JVC/Journal of Vibration and Control ; Volume 24, Issue 1 , 2018 , Pages 37-59 ; 10775463 (ISSN) Ebrahimi, A ; Heydari, M ; Behzad, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    SAGE Publications Inc  2018
    Vibration control, especially in cracked rotors, is an important factor that can prevent the occurrence of disastrous failures. In this paper, vibrational control of a cracked rotor with an electromagnetic actuator has been studied with a continuous model of flexural vibration of cracked rotors. The governing equation of motion for the rotor under the external excitation of the electromagnetic actuator, gravity, and unbalanced forces is presented. A control law for the optimal control method to minimize the vibration of the rotor or stress at the crack section was obtained. To this aim, two cost functions have been introduced, based on the overall vibration of the rotor and the maximum... 

    Modeling and Nonlinear Control of Two Novel Linear Motors

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Emami Meybodi, Yaser (Author) ; Ghaemi Osgouie, Kambiz (Supervisor) ; Khayyat, Amir Ali Akbar (Supervisor)
    Different types of motion mechanisms can be found in any complicated or simple mechanical structure and linear motion is one of the most frequently used mechanisms for sure. In recent years, a wide variety of designs are developed to create linear motion, each one having many positive and negative points. Among already existing designs, those based on linear actuation are more considerable compared to those using a mechanical convertor to transform rotary motion to linear motion. This thesis presents two newly designed linear motors which utilize linear electromagnet actuators in their structures. In this study nonlinear models are developed for two linear motors. Although all conditions and... 

    Control of planar motion of a magnetic microrobot using a novel electromagnetic actuation system

    , Article 4th International Conference on Manipulation, Automation, and Robotics at Small Scales, MARSS 2019, 1 July 2019 through 5 July 2019 ; 2019 ; 9781728109473 (ISBN) Yousefi, M ; Moradi, A ; Nejat Pishkenari, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc  2019
    A magnetic actuation system is a promising tool for untethered manipulation at the microscale that medical treatment can benefit from. This paper proposes a new magnetic actuation system that comprises of two coaxial coils on a rotary table. A fixed workspace is placed between coils. The proposed system is able to generate magnetic force with desired direction and magnitude in a plane. The conducted simulation and experiment confirm the capability of the proposed system to control the position of the microrobot. © 2019 IEEE  

    Electrical analogies applied on MMR micropump

    , Article Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical ; Volume 301 , 2020 Karmozdi, M ; Afshin, H ; Shafii, M. B ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2020
    Micropumps are among useful equipment in microsystems. The magnetically actuated mercury micropump, which has been introduced for less than a decade, is an innovative kind of micropumps which uses mercury droplets motion as a pumping agent. The equations governing this micropump are complex and their numerical solution is a time-consuming process, due to electromagnetic, hydrodynamic, and unsteady effects. In the present study, for the first time, using simplifying assumptions, the performance of a Magneto Mercury Reciprocating (MMR) micropump with electromagnetic actuation is studied through electrical analogy and then, the components and operational stages of the micropump are simulated...