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1 مقاله A bi-objective model for scheduling of multiple projects under multi-skilled workforce for distributed load energy usage Javanmard, S. Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2021 Energy efficiency.
2 مقاله EACHP: Energy Aware Clustering Hierarchy Protocol for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks Barati, H. Springer New York LLC, 2015 Power management (telecommunication)
3 مقاله Reliable and energy-efficient routing for green software defined networking Norouzi, A. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2019 Energy efficiency.
4 مقاله COACH: Consistency aware check-pointing for nonvolatile processor in energy harvesting systems Hoseinghorban, A. IEEE Computer Society, 2019 Energy harvesting.
5 مقاله COACH: Consistency aware check-pointing for nonvolatile processor in energy harvesting systems Hoseinghorban, A. IEEE Computer Society, 2019 Energy harvesting.
6 پایان نامه مدل سازی استفاده از تغییر فاز مواد مناسب برای ساختمان های با مصرف انرژی پایین Modeling of Phase Change Materials Operating in Energy Efficient Buildings کایدپور، کامران Kayedpour, Kamran صنعتی شریف 1394 مواد تغییر فاز دهنده Phase Change Material (PCMs) / انتقال حرارت Heat Transfer / بازده انرژی Energy Efficiency / ساختمان های با مصرف انرژی پایین Energy Efficient Buildings 58-48254
7 مقاله Energy efficient all-optical arbitration in optical network-on-chip Koohi, S. 2012 Fiber optic networks.
8 مقاله Low-power bottom-plate sampling capacitor-splitting DAC for SAR ADCs Yazdani, B. Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2016 Analog to digital conversion.
9 مقاله Study on control input energy efficiency of fractional order control systems Tavakoli Kakhki, M. 2013 Control systems.
10 مقاله An energy efficient refractive structure for energy concentration on PV cells Kavehvash, Z. 2010 Optical instrument lenses.
11 مقاله Communication-awareness for energy-efficiency in datacenters Nabavinejad, S. M. Academic Press Inc, 2016 VM consolidation.
12 مقاله Dynamic load management for a residential customer; Reinforcement Learning approach Sheikhi, A. Elsevier Ltd Smart grids (SG)
13 مقاله Theoretical modeling and optimizing design of a packaged liquid chiller Heydari, A. 2007 Heat exchangers.
14 مقاله Utility constrained energy minimization in aloha networks Khodaian, A. 2007 Telecommunication networks.
15 مقاله Evaluation of optimal occasional tilt on photovoltaic power plant energy efficiency and land use requirements, Iran Fathi, A. MDPI, 2021 Iran.
16 پایان نامه شبکه‌های نرم افزار محور کارآمد از لحاظ مصرف انرژی Energy Efficient Software Defined Networks دایمی، نفیسه Daemi, Nafiseh صنعتی شریف 1395 بازده انرژی Energy Efficiency / مرکز داده Data Center / شبکه های تعریف شده با نرم افزار Software Defined Networks (SDN) / کاهش مصرف انرژی Energy Consumption Reduction / مسیریابی بازده انرژی Energy Efficient Routing 19-48874
17 مقاله Energy efficient and high speed error control scheme for real time wireless sensor networks Barati, A. Wireless sensor network (WSNs)
18 مقاله FOMA: Flexible overlay multi-path data aggregation in wireless sensor networks Ashouri, M. IEEE, 2012 Aggregates.
19 مقاله Ultrasonic ion pumps in bio-battery's electrolyte Amjadi, A. 2012 Polymers.
20 مقاله Long lifetime real-time routing in unreliable wireless sensor networks Alinaghipour, N. Sensor nodes.