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    Determining proper strategies for health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) management system

    , Article Work ; Volume 45, Issue 3 , 2013 , Pages 399-406 ; 10519815 (ISSN) Zaeimdar, M ; Nasiri, P ; Taghdisi, M ; Abbaspour, M ; Arjmandi, R ; Kalatipor, O ; Sharif University of Technology
    Today, managing an organization is concerned with many problems. Adopting proper strategies can promote an organization's survival. This study aimed at developing an appropriate HSSE Strategy for regional operation associated companies of Iran National Gas Company (INGS) using SWOT analysis. The analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of HSSE was carried out and according to the results suitable strategies were recommended. In this regard, senior and junior managers, supervisors, and experts active in regional operation associated companies of Iran National Gas Company participated in SWOT analysis from HSSE angle. Then, they selected the most applicable SWOT... 

    Development of a model to assess environmental performance, concerning HSE-MS principles

    , Article Environmental Monitoring and Assessment ; Volume 165, Issue 1-4 , June , 2010 , Pages 517-528 ; 01676369 (ISSN) Abbaspour, M ; Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, F ; Karbassi, A. R ; Roayaei, E ; Nikoomaram, H ; Sharif University of Technology
    The main objective of the present study was to develop a valid and appropriate model to evaluate companies' efficiency and environmental performance, concerning health, safety, and environmental management system principles. The proposed model overcomes the shortcomings of the previous models developed in this area. This model has been designed on the basis of a mathematical method known as Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). In order to differentiate high-performing companies from weak ones, one of DEA nonradial models named as enhanced Russell graph efficiency measure has been applied. Since some of the environmental performance indicators cannot be controlled by companies' managers, it was... 

    Land use regression models for Alkylbenzenes in a middle eastern megacity: Tehran study of exposure prediction for environmental health research (tehran sepehr)

    , Article Environmental Science and Technology ; Volume 51, Issue 15 , 2017 , Pages 8481-8490 ; 0013936X (ISSN) Amini, H ; Schindler, C ; Hosseini, V ; Yunesian, M ; Künzli, N ; Sharif University of Technology
    American Chemical Society  2017
    Land use regression (LUR) has not been applied thus far to ambient alkylbenzenes in highly polluted megacities. We advanced LUR models for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, p-xylene, m-xylene, o-xylene (BTEX), and total BTEX using measurement based estimates of annual means at 179 sites in Tehran megacity, Iran. Overall, 520 predictors were evaluated, such as The Weather Research and Forecasting Model meteorology predictions, emission inventory, and several new others. The final models with R2 values ranging from 0.64 for p-xylene to 0.70 for benzene were mainly driven by traffic-related variables but the proximity to sewage treatment plants was present in all models indicating a major local... 

    Iran in transition

    , Article The Lancet ; Volume 393, Issue 10184 , 2019 , Pages 1984-2005 ; 01406736 (ISSN) Danaei, G ; Farzadfar, F ; Kelishadi, R ; Rashidian, A ; Rouhani, O. M ; Ahmadnia, S ; Ahmadvand, A ; Arabi, M ; Ardalan, A ; Arhami, M ; Azizi, M. H ; Bahadori, M ; Baumgartner, J ; Beheshtian, A ; Djalalinia, S ; Doshmangir, L ; Haghdoost, A. A ; Haghshenas, R ; Hosseinpoor, A. R ; Islami, F ; Kamangar, F ; Khalili, D ; Madani, K ; Masoumi Asl, H ; Mazyaki, A ; Mirchi, A ; Moradi, E ; Nayernouri, T ; Niemeier, D ; Houshang Omidvari, A ; Peykari, N ; Pishgar, F ; Qorbani, M ; Rahimi, K ; Rahimi Movaghar, A ; Ramezani Tehrani, F ; Rezaei, N ; Shahraz, S ; Takian, A ; Tootee, A ; Ezzati, M ; Jamshidi, H. R ; Larijani, B ; Majdzadeh, R ; Malekzadeh, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    Lancet Publishing Group  2019
    Being the second-largest country in the Middle East, Iran has a long history of civilisation during which several dynasties have been overthrown and established and health-related structures have been reorganised. Iran has had the replacement of traditional practices with modern medical treatments, emergence of multiple pioneer scientists and physicians with great contributions to the advancement of science, environmental and ecological changes in addition to large-scale natural disasters, epidemics of multiple communicable diseases, and the shift towards non-communicable diseases in recent decades. Given the lessons learnt from political instabilities in the past centuries and the... 

    Spatiotemporal description of BTEX volatile organic compounds in a middle eastern megacity: tehran study of exposure prediction for environmental health research (Tehran SEPEHR)

    , Article Environmental Pollution ; Volume 226 , 2017 , Pages 219-229 ; 02697491 (ISSN) Amini, H ; Hosseini, V ; Schindler, C ; Hassankhany, H ; Yunesian, M ; Henderson, S. B ; Künzli, N ; Sharif University of Technology
    The spatiotemporal variability of ambient volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in Tehran, Iran, is not well understood. Here we present the design, methods, and results of the Tehran Study of Exposure Prediction for Environmental Health Research (Tehran SEPEHR) on ambient concentrations of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, p-xylene, m-xylene, o-xylene (BTEX), and total BTEX. To date, this is the largest study of its kind in a low- and middle-income country and one of the largest globally. We measured BTEX concentrations at five reference sites and 174 distributed sites identified by a cluster analytic method. Samples were taken over 25 consecutive 2-weeks at five reference sites (to be used for...