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1 مقاله Experimental study and simulation of different EOR techniques in a non-fractured carbonate core from an Iranian offshore oil reservoir Jafari, M. 2008 Wag.
2 مقاله Seasonal fractal-scaling of floods in two U.S. water resources regions Alipour, M. H. Elsevier, 2016 Water resources.
3 مقاله Prediction of flooding in a pulsed packed column for continuous pertraction of dysprosium by an emulsion liquid membrane Sadehlari, F. Elsevier B.V, 2021 Floods.
4 مقاله Experimental investigation of flooding hydrolyzed-sulfonated polymers for EOR process in a carbonate reservoir Bamzad, S. Polymers.
5 مقاله The impact of silica nanoparticles on the performance of polymer solution in presence of salts in polymer flooding for heavy oil recovery Maghzi, A. Pore-scale monitoring.
6 مقاله Aspects of alkaline flooding: Oil recovery improvement and displacement mechanisms Sedaghat, M. H. 2013 Sweep Efficiency.
7 مقاله Simultaneous/sequential alkaline-surfactant-polymer flooding in fractured/non-fractured carbonate reservoirs Sedaghat, M. H. Oil well flooding.
8 مقاله Pore-level experimental investigation of ASP flooding to recover heavy oil in fractured five-spot micromodels Sedaghat, M. Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2015 Heavy oil production.
9 مقاله Heavy oil recovery using ASP flooding: A pore-level experimental study in fractured five-spot micromodels Sedaghat, M. Wiley-Liss Inc, 2016 Enhanced recovery.
10 مقاله Influence of river cross-section data resolution on flood inundation modeling: Case study of Kashkan river basin in western Iran Geravand, F. Elsevier B.V, 2020 Lorestan.
11 مقاله Monitoring the effect of discontinuous shales on the surfactant flooding performance in heavy oil reservoirs using 2D glass micromodels Mohammadi, S. Oil well flooding.
12 مقاله Investigation of diffusion and deposition of TiO2 nanoparticles in sandstone rocks for EOR application Ehtesabi, H. Nanoparticles.
13 مقاله Experimental investigation of water alternating CH4-CO 2 mixture gas injection in light oil reservoirs Alizadeh, A. Carbon dioxide.
14 مقاله Experimental investigation of microscopic/macroscopic efficiency of polymer flooding in fractured heavy oil five-spot systems Sedaghat, M. H. 2013 Polymers.
15 مقاله On the route discovery rate of flooding in large wireless networks Shah-Mansouri, H. 2012 Floods.
16 مقاله Surfactant effects on the efficiency of oil sweeping from the dead ends: Numerical simulation and experimental investigation Kamyabi, A. Institution of Chemical Engineers, 2015 Oil shale.
17 مقاله Phase behavior and rheology of emulsions in an alkaline/cosolvent/crude oil/brine system Bahman Abadi, H. Taylor and Francis Inc Enhanced recovery.
18 مقاله A priori error estimation of upscaled coarse grids for water-flooding process Khoozan, D. Wiley-Liss Inc Reservoir simulator.
19 مقاله Nanofluid flooding for enhanced oil recovery in a heterogeneous two-dimensional anticline geometry Hemmat Esfe, M. Elsevier Ltd, 2020 Nanofluidics.
20 مقاله Theoretical and experimental study of foam stability mechanism by nanoparticles: Interfacial, bulk, and porous media behavior Suleymani, M. Elsevier B.V, 2020 Foam control.