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    Streamline-based history matching constrained to reservoir geostatistics using gradual deformation technique

    , Article Petroleum Science and Technology ; Volume 29, Issue 17 , 2011 , Pages 1765-1777 ; 10916466 (ISSN) Shojaei, H ; Pishvaie, M. R ; Kamali, M. R ; Badakhshan, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    A new and general procedure for history matching that uses streamline simulation and a gradual deformation technique has been proposed. Streamline trajectories define the major flow paths and help the algorithm to modify the reservoir model only in the regions that cause the mismatch between simulation results and field observations. The use of a gradual deformation technique enables the algorithm to remain constrained to reservoir geostatistics. It also reduces the number of independent variables in the optimization problem. In our algorithm, effective conductivities are defined along each streamline. The effective streamline conductivities are then adjusted using the values of measured and... 

    Comparison of different univariate and multivariate geostatistical methods by porosity modeling of an iranian oil field

    , Article Petroleum Science and Technology ; Volume 29, Issue 19 , 2011 , Pages 2061-2076 ; 10916466 (ISSN) Zarei, A ; Masihi, M ; Salahshoor, K ; Sharif University of Technology
    Geostatistical methods are grouped in two main divisions: univariate and multivariate. When there is adequate amount of primary data, univariate methods such as kriging and SGS give a good representation of property distribution in the reservoir, but practical difficulties appear when there is no sufficient data. In such a case it is necessary to choose multivariate geostatistical methods in which some covariables are contributed to model the primary variable. Multivariate geostatistics is a broad term that encompasses all geostatistical methods that utilize more than one variable to predict some physical property of the earth. Bivariate geostatistics is obviously the simplest subset of the...