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1 مقاله Active brownian particles and run-and-tumble particles separate inside a maze Khatami, M. Nature Publishing Group, 2016 Steady state.
2 مقاله Gaseous slip flow mixed convection in vertical microducts of constant but arbitrary geometry Sadeghi, M. Microducts.
3 مقاله Efficient Observer-Dependent Simplification in Polygonal Domains Zarei, A. Planar visibility.
4 مقاله On a class of degenerate complex manifolds Bahraini, A. 2007 Sub-Laplacian.
5 مقاله The curious neglect of geometry in modern philosophies of mathematics Shahshahani, S. Springer Science and Business Media B.V, 2021 Arithmetic.
6 مقاله An exact analytical expression for magnetoresistance using quantum groups Alavi, S. A. 2005 Quantum groups.
7 مقاله Exact analytical expression for magnetoresistance using quantum groups Alavi, S. A. Elsevier, 2004 Random paths.
8 مقاله Interpretation of tensile softening in concrete, using fractal geometry Khezrzadeh, H. Sharif University of Technology, 2008 Time dependent behavior.
9 مقاله Walking in streets with minimal sensing Tabatabaei, A. Robotics.
10 مقاله On hypercontractivity and a data processing inequality Anantharam, V. Data handling.
11 مقاله Geometry optimization of a fibrous scaffold based on mathematical modelling and CFD simulation of a dynamic cell culture Tajsoleiman, T. Elsevier B.V, 2016 Tissue engineering.
12 مقاله Failure procedure in epoxy adhesive joining composite plates Fazel, D. Springer, 2020 Finite element method.
13 مقاله Efficient visibility maintenance of a moving segment observer inside a simple polygon Khosravi, A. A. 2007 Computational geometry.
14 مقاله Optimal geometry analysis for tdoa-based localization under communication constraints Sadeghi, M. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2021 Time difference of arrival.
15 مقاله Shortest paths in simple polygons with polygon-meet constraints Khosravi, R. 2004 Shortest path map.
16 مقاله Particle creation by moving spherical shell in the dynamical Casimir effect Setare, M. R. 2001 Energy.
17 مقاله Dirac quantization of open strings and noncommutativity in branes Ardalan, F. Elsevier, 2000 Noncommutative geometry.
18 مقاله Upper bounds for minimum dilation triangulation in two special cases Sattari, S. Elsevier B.V, 2018 Surveying.
19 مقاله Jet impact geometry and plunge pool dimensions effects on dynamic pressures at pool sidewalls Borghei, S.M. 2008 Pressure.
20 مقاله Firm structure of the separated turbulent shear layer behind modified backward-facing step geometries Darbandi, M. 2006 Geometry.