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    1 مقاله Evaluation of heat conduction in a laser irradiated tooth with the three-phase-lag bio-heat transfer model Falahatkar, S. Elsevier Ltd, 2018 Three-phase-lag.
    2 مقاله Stress behaviour across human tooth by temperature gradient resulting of laser irradiation Falahatkar, S. Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 2020 Three-phase-lag.
    3 مقاله Nonlocal Lazer–McKenna-type problem perturbed by the Hardy’s potential and its parabolic equivalence Bayrami Aminlouee, M. Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2021 Singular nonlinearity.
    4 پایان نامه روش تغییراتی در معادلات دیفرانسیل پاره ای تصادفی The Variational Approach to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations مهری، سیما Mehri, Sima دانشگاه صنعتی شریف 1393 روش تغییراتی Variational Method / معادله دیفرانسیل پاره ای تصادفی Stochastic Partial Differential Equation / طرح های عددی Numerical Schemes / معادله ناویر - استوکس دوبعدی Two-Dimentional Navier-Stokes Equation / معادله حرارت Heat Equation 02-46507
    5 مقاله New stable group explicit finite difference method for solution of diffusion equation Tavakoli, R. 2006 Finite difference method.
    6 مقاله Analysis of nonlinear acoustic wave propagation in HIFU treatment using westervelt equation Haddadi, S. Sharif University of Technology, 2018 Wave propagation.
    7 مقاله Prediction of temperature distribution and volume of lesion during HIFU therapy Heydari, M. Three dimensional.
    8 مقاله On discretization of second-order derivatives in smoothed particle hydrodynamics Fatehi, R. 2009 Fluid dynamics.