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    Design and Fabrication of Amotorized Walker with Sit-to-Stand Ability

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Kousha, Ebrahim (Author) ; Farahmand, Farzam (Supervisor) ; Durali, Mohammad (Supervisor) ; Ahmadi Bani, Monireh (Co-Supervisor)
    The purpose of this project is to design and build a motorized walker with sit to stand ability, by means of which the user can get up from a chair or the edge of the bed and stand with complete independence; Relying on it, the patient could walk easily and finally sit down on the chair, the edge of the bed, or the toilet seat. For this purpose, the conducted researches and previously built devices were studied and the strengths and weaknesses of each were examined. The stages of conceptual design including the design of the sit to stand mechanism, the design of the structure and finally the control algorithm were completed, then the detailed design of the mentioned topics was carried out.... 

    Effects of short term and long term Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field on depressive disorder in mice: Involvement of nitric oxide pathway

    , Article Life Sciences ; Volume 146 , 2016 , Pages 52-57 ; 00243205 (ISSN) Madjid Ansari, A ; Farzam Pour, S ; Sadr, A ; Shekarchi, B ; Majid Zadeh, A. K ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Inc 
    Aims Previous reports on the possible effects of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields (ELF MF) on mood have been paradoxical in different settings while no study has yet been conducted on animal behavior. In addition, it was shown that ELF MF exposure makes an increase in brain nitric oxide level. Therefore, in the current study, we aimed to assess the possible effect(s) of ELF MF exposure on mice Forced Swimming Test (FST) and evaluate the probable role of the increased level of nitric oxide in the observed behavior. Main methods Male adult mice NMRI were recruited to investigate the short term and long term ELF MF exposure (0.5 mT and 50 Hz, single 2 h and 2 weeks 2 h a day). Locomotor...