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    A novel pre-processing method to reduce noise effects in a prototype-based clustering algorithm

    , Article 2008 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering, IKE 2008, Las Vegas, NV, 14 July 2008 through 17 July 2008 ; July , 2008 , Pages 587-593 ; 1601320752 (ISBN); 9781601320759 (ISBN) Taghikhaki, Z ; Minaei, B ; Masoum, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this paper we introduce a preprocessing method to reduce noise effects in noise prone environments. Prototype based clustering algorithms are sensitive to noise because the effect of noisy data are as same as effect of true data and this affects on calculation of clusters center and then reduces accuracy. Therefore, these algorithms can not be applied in noise-prone environments and if this is applied there, we can not trust to the results. To overcome such problems we reduce and in some cases eliminate the noisy data. Also a part of our method is applied on the source of generated data in a network. Then noisy data that the number of them is high in noisy environments are eliminated and... 

    Developing a Correspondent Information Security Management System for Electronic Banking in Iran

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Iravani, Yousef Esmaeil (Author) ; Vosughi Vahdat, Bijan (Supervisor)
    Growing need for the use of modern technologies in the field of information and communication reveals the necessity to establish an information security management system more than before. It is totally proven that information is an asset which, like other important assets of the organization is so momentous that should be crucially protected. Nowadays, with the proliferation of security threats, which can lead to undesirable events with possible damage to systems or organizations intentionally or inadvertently, by human factors or inhuman cause, existence of a safe structure has become more necessary for all organizations and agencies. One of the most critical areas of information security... 

    Data Sharing in Two-level Supply Chain with Two-way Information Exchang

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Dodd, Omid (Author) ; Hajji, Alireza (Supervisor)
    In this study, I examined a two-level supply chain with two-way information exchange in which both the manufacturer and the retailer will be informed of each other’s stock.In order to make use of this type of information exchange, the manufacturer and the retaile modify their single-level base-stock policy to a two-level, state-dependent base-stock policy.Later, I exerted the lost sale policy. And finally, I investigated the impact of this type of information exchange on the general chain criteria. Then, I point out the advantages of this method.
    Applying the mentioned method reduces the total cost of system as well as decreasing the average amount of manufacturer’s inventory along with... 

    Kinematic effects of gimbal joints on a 3URU parallel manipulator

    , Article ASME 2012 11th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ESDA 2012 ; Volume 3 , 2012 , Pages 205-210 ; 9780791844861 (ISBN) Baghi, S ; Razban, F ; Osgouie, K. G ; Sharif University of Technology
    Gimbal transmissions are non-linear direct transmissions and can be used in robotic arms replacing the traditional revolute joints. They offer potential advantages for critical cases such as joint space and task space singularities or where a different mechanical advantage is needed compared to what traditional revolute joints provide. This can be obtained by properly adjusting the different parameters of Gimbal joints used in different joints of the manipulator (such as their offset angle and/or chamfer angle). In this paper the concept of Gimbal mechanism as a joint is investigated. Then, as an example, Gimbal joints are used to replace the basic revolute joints of a 3-UPU parallel... 

    Determination of the economical policy of a three-echelon inventory system with (R, Q) ordering policy and information sharing

    , Article International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology ; Volume 55, Issue 5-8 , 2011 , Pages 831-841 ; 02683768 (ISSN) Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, M ; Sajadifar, S. M ; Haji, R ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this work, we consider a three-echelon serial inventory system with two warehouses (suppliers) and one retailer with information exchange. The retailer applies continuous review (R, Q) policy. The warehouses have online information on the inventory position and demand activities of the retailer. We present a new ordering policy to share information among inventory echelons. The warehouse I and II start with m 1 and m 2 initial batches of the same order size of the retailer, respectively. The warehouse I places an order to an outside source immediately after the retailer's inventory position reaches an amount equal to the retailer's order point plus a fixed value s 1, and the warehouse II... 

    Organizational secure knowledge flow model

    , Article 2015 7th Conference on Information and Knowledge Technology, IKT 2015, 26 May 2015 through 28 May 2015 ; May , 2015 , Page(s): 1 - 6 ; 9781467374859 (ISBN) Ghaem Tajgardoon, M ; Shalmani, M. T. M ; Habibi, J ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc  2015
    With the advance and growth of knowledge management in the past two decades, currently knowledge is regarded as one of the most significant organizational assets. Today the success of businesses is dependent on the value that they give to knowledge and how they attempt to manage it. Hence, in such conditions, knowledge as a valuable asset of the organization must be well-protected. What is managed in knowledge management in organizations is actually not knowledge. What are managed are the knowledge-related processes thru which knowledge workers interact with each other. Hence, organizational knowledge protection does not mean protecting knowledge, but securing the management of knowledge and... 

    Recovery of sensors in wireless sensor networks

    , Article NCM 2009 - 5th International Joint Conference on INC, IMS, and IDC, 25 August 2009 through 27 August 2009, Seoul ; 2009 , Pages 393-396 ; 9780769537696 (ISBN) Barati, A ; Kholghi, M. A. K ; Movaghar, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    the failure in cluster at a high level can bring up great damages to the system in wireless sensor networks where clustering techniques are used. Certain methods have been reported in the literature in recovering the sensors from a failure cluster. One of the most important methods is to recover the sensors in run-time and without clustering. But it is so much ideal to suppose that all the sensors will be recovered. In this paper, we proposed a method that can operate on the remained sensors that are not recovered. © 2009 IEEE  

    On the optimality of 0–1 data placement in cache networks

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Communications ; 2017 ; 00906778 (ISSN) Salehi, M. J ; Motahari, S. A ; Hossein Khalaj, B ; Sharif University of Technology
    Considering cache enabled networks, optimal content placement minimizing the total cost of communication in such networks is studied, leading to a surprising fundamental 0–1 law for non-redundant cache placement strategies, where the total cache sizes associated with each file does not exceed the file size. In other words, for such strategies we prove that any nonredundant cache placement strategy can be transformed, with no additional cost, to a strategy in which at every node, each file is either cached completely or not cached at all. Moreover, we obtain a sufficient condition under which the optimal cache placement strategy is in fact non-redundant. This result together with the 0–1 law... 

    On enhancing synchronization properties of dynamical networks using node and edge centrality measures

    , Article 2009 International Conference on Information Management and Engineering, ICIME 2009, Kuala Lumpur, 3 April 2009 through 5 April 2009 ; 2009 , Pages 22-26 ; 9780769535951 (ISBN) Jalili, M ; Rabiee, H. R ; IACSIT ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this paper a method for enhancing the synchronizability of dynamical networks is discussed. The method considers both local structural properties, i.e. node degrees, and global properties, i.e. node and edge betweenness centrality measures. Its performance is compared with that of some other heuristic methods and the evidence for its superior behavior is discussed. As an index for the synchronizability of a dynamical network, the eigenratio of the Laplacian matrix of the connection graph is considered. As network structures, scale-free, Watts- Strogatz and random networks of different sizes and topological properties are used. Numerical calculations of the eigenratio in the networks... 

    Speech accent profiles: Modeling and synthesis

    , Article IEEE Signal Processing Magazine ; Volume 26, Issue 3 , 2009 , Pages 69-74 ; 10535888 (ISSN) Vaseghi, S ; Yan, Q ; Ghorshi, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    A discussion regarding speech accents will be given while describing a set of statistical signal processing methods for the modeling, analysis, synthesis, and morphing of English language accents. Accent morphing deals with the changing of the accent of a speech to a different accent. Accent itself is a distinctive pattern of pronunciation of speech within a community of people who belong to a national, geographic, or socioeconomic grouping. Then, the signal processing methodology for speech accent processing will be reviewed while the concept of an accent profile has been presented  

    Evolution of innovation system literature: Intellectual bases and emerging trends

    , Article Technological Forecasting and Social Change ; Volume 146 , 2019 , Pages 68-80 ; 00401625 (ISSN) Souzanchi Kashani, E ; Roshani, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier Inc  2019
    The evolution of innovation system literature is scrutinized to delineate the conceptual trends over the past 30 years. We applied the Sigma index which is supposed to include not only the frontier contributions in the field but also the intellectual bases conveying transformative concepts. Our examination shows that after the establishment of the National Innovation System (NIS)as a principal framework, Regional IS literature emerged as a main branch during the period of 2002–2007, while Technological IS developed as the second main branch from 2007 to 2012. Surprisingly, Sectoral IS has not yet generated a separate constellation, whereas the period after 2012 mainly witnessed the emergence... 

    Some notes on fix-free codes

    , Article CISS 2008, 42nd Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, Princeton, NJ, 19 March 2008 through 21 March 2008 ; 2008 , Pages 1015-1018 ; 9781424422470 (ISBN) Kakhbod, A ; Nazari, A ; Zadimoghaddam, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    A variable-length code is called a fix-free code if it is both prefix-free and suffix-free. In this paper, we consider some basic properties of fix-free codes. We obtain one lower and one upper bound on the redundancy of the optimal fix-free code. Comparing these bounds, we derive an upper bound on the length of the most likely source symbol in terms of its probability. © 2008 IEEE  

    A novel clustering algorithm based on circlusters to find arbitrary shaped clusters

    , Article 2008 International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering, ICCEE 2008, Phuket, 20 December 2008 through 22 December 2008 ; January , 2008 , Pages 619-624 ; 9780769535043 (ISBN) Hassas Yeganeh, S ; Habibi, J ; Abolhassani, H ; Shirali Shahreza, S ; Sharif University of Technology
    Clustering is the problem of partitioning a (large) set of data using unsupervised techniques. Today, there exist many clustering techniques. The most important characteristic of a clustering technique is the shape of the cluster it can find. In this paper, we propose a method that is capable to find arbitrary shaped clusters and uses simple geometric constructs, Circlusters. Circlusters are different radius sectored circles. Circlusters can be used to create many hybrid approaches in mixture with density based or partitioning based methods. We also proposed two new clustering methods that are capable to find complex clusters in O(n), where n is the size of the data set. Both of the methods... 

    A new sufficient condition for 1-coverage to imply connectivity

    , Article 3rd International Conference on Digital Information Management, ICDIM 2008, London, 13 November 2008 through 16 November 2008 ; January , 2008 , Pages 495-499 ; 9781424429172 (ISBN) Khasteh, H ; Bagheri Shouraki, S ; Kiaei, A. A ; Sharif University of Technology
    An effective approach for energy conservation in wireless sensor networks is scheduling sleep intervals for extraneous nodes while the remaining nodes stay active to provide continuous service. For the sensor network to operate successfully the active nodes must maintain both sensing coverage and network connectivity, It proved before if the communication range of nodes is at least twice the sensing range, complete coverage of a convex area implies connectivity among the working set of nodes. In this paper we consider a rectangular region A =a *b , such that Rs ≤ a, Rs ≤ b where Rs is the sensing range of nodes. and put a constraint on minimum allowed distance between nodes( Rs ). according... 

    Restoration of damaged slices in images using matrix pseudo inversion

    , Article 22nd International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, ISCIS 2007, Ankara, 7 November 2007 through 9 November 2007 ; 2007 , Pages 98-103 ; 1424413648 (ISBN); 9781424413645 (ISBN) Ajorloo, H ; Manzuri Shalmani, M. T ; Lakdashti, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    A matrix pseudo inversion based method is developed for coding of images in real field in a way that at the receiver, one can restore the lost portions of the images. The proposed solution is similar to channel coding techniques, but it is done before source coding at the transmitter and after decoding of the compressed data at the receiver. Experiments show the effectiveness of the proposed solution in recove ring missed portions of the images and video frames. ©2007 IEEE  

    New method for risk management in CRM security management

    , Article Third International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, ITNG 2006, Las Vegas, NV, 10 April 2006 through 12 April 2006 ; Volume 2006 , 2006 , Pages 440-445 ; 0769524974 (ISBN); 9780769524979 (ISBN) Seify, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    In an increasing competitive world, marketing survival can be depended simply on timely new information on customers and market trend. One of the most important strategies in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is to capture enough information from customers and using this information carefully [17, 19]. Of course security of this information is very important in CRM data management [2]. Data management is a method for scheduling and controlling data saving, recovering and processing. This activity has been done continually or periodically [2]. Security level of this information depends on the security policy of the organization. CRM security policy is the directives and practices for... 

    Towards a comprehensive IT management methodology

    , Article IEEE Engineering Management Review ; 2021 ; 03608581 (ISSN) Samiei, E ; Habibi, J ; Sharif University of Technology
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc  2021
    As the role of IT becomes more eminent, IT management frameworks become more demanding. Although each of the IT management frameworks focuses on a particular part of this wide scope, implementing frameworks individually, wastes budget and time and results in incompatible or redundant artefacts. The question we want to answer in this research is if a comprehensive IT management methodology could be implemented to provide all the effective results of different IT management frameworks, yet to avoid redundancies and costs of implementing each framework separately. In this study, the integration of the ITIL framework as the most well-known IT service management framework, the COBIT framework as... 

    On the performance of trace locality of reference

    , Article Performance Evaluation ; Volume 60, Issue 1-4 , 2005 , Pages 51-72 ; 01665316 (ISSN) Mahjur, A ; Jahangir, A. H ; Gholamipour, A. H ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier  2005
    In this paper, trace locality of reference (LoR) is identified as a mechanism to predict the behavior of a variety of systems. If two objects were accessed nearby in the past and the first one is accessed again, trace LoR predicts that the second one will be accessed in near future. To capture trace LoR, trace graph is introduced. Although trace LoR can be observed in a variety of systems, but the focus of this paper is to characterize it for data accesses in memory management systems. In this field, it is compared with recency-based prediction (LRU stack) and it is shown that not only the model is much simpler, but also it outperforms recency-based prediction in all cases. The paper... 

    Applying TPM Concept in an Alloy Steel Plant

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Fakhr-al-hosseini, Mehdi (Author) ; Houshmand, Mahmoud (Supervisor)
    The alloy steel plant was exploited in1999; and the maintenance department starts its function and its activities according to the written PM software by Austria’s BOHLER Company. The PM program was written for the entire factory. Having worked with the PM for eight years, now it is possible to evaluate its performance. There are two main problems in the maintenance system; firstly, the existing PM System is incomplete, some important feature of the PM program is incomplete. Secondly there are lacks of a good auditing system to evaluate the PM orders. To evaluate the weakness of the current PM system and to study application of TPM, a section of the factory was... 

    Introducing a Novel Framework for Road Accident Management System Using BIM

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Halimi, Zahra (Author) ; Alvanchi, Amin (Supervisor)
    Despite progressive trends in road safety, thousands of people die in road accidents, and millions are injured each year all around the world. The consequences of traffic accidents are not limited to injuries or fatality. Yet, they have a wide range of indirect economic and social effects, such as the financial burden of medical expenses or young labor loss. Therefore, the need to improve road safety and reduce road accident rates is essential for all communities.The first step to improving road safety is to build a reliable accident information management system. Accident information management systems are effective platforms in the design of highways and vehicles. They also present...