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    Design and Manufacturing of an Assay System by Lateral Flow Method and Optimize the Model by Lattice-Boltzmann Numerical Solution

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Gholami Poshtehani, Abbas (Author) ; Shamloo, Amir (Supervisor)
    Lateral Flow Immunoassay kits are one of the most important instrument in laboratories and houses for diagnosing diseases, hormones, food toxins and etc. fast, exactly and by low cost. Since one of the most expensive parts in the mentioned kits, is using antibodies in their construction, an attempt has been made in this project for descending usage of antibody and consequently final cost of these sensors besides keeping desired and necessary sensitivity of these diagnostic kits. For this purpose, first of all with the help of simulating flow’s behavior in Lattice-Boltzmann method, provisions has been made to predicting flow’s movement behavior in Nitrocellulose membrane, Based on its results... 

    Antibody consumption reduction in lateral flow immunoassays within porous media

    , Article Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification ; Volume 147 , 2020 Gholami, A ; Shamloo, A ; Sharif University of Technology
    Elsevier B.V  2020
    In this study, the effect of the geometrical parameters of the Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFI) membrane on the performance of the pregnancy kits is investigated. Consequently, a new geometry for LFI membrane is proposed based on some theoretical, numerical and experimental observations in order to improve the performance of the related kits. A pregnancy kit (for the detection of hCG in urine samples) is developed and the effect of the relocation of the test and the control lines over the membrane was studied based on the variation of the sample fluid velocity. Using Lattice-Boltzmann simulation of the lateral flow within the porous media and the experimental results, the fluid flow within the... 

    Development of Ratiometric Sensors Based on Fluorescent Nanostructures for Naked Eye Detection

    , Ph.D. Dissertation Sharif University of Technology Farahmand Nejad, Mohammad Amin (Author) ; Hormozi-Nezhad, Mohammad Reza (Supervisor)
    In the first part of this research, we have developed a simple and effective ratiometric fluorescence sensor for selective detection of dopamine (DA) in alkaline media by simply mixing thioglycolic acid (TGA) functionalized orange fluorescent cadmium telluride (CdTe) quantum dots (QDs) with amino-functionalized blue fluorescent carbon nanodots (CDs). Under a single excitation wavelength of 365 nm, the sensor exhibits dual-emissions centered at 445 and 603 nm. The fluorescence of CdTe QDs is selectively quenched by DA, whereas the fluorescence of CDs is insensitive to the analyte. In the presence of different amounts of DA, the variations in the dual emission intensity ratios exhibit a...