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1 مقاله Analytical figures of merit for multisensor arrays Parastar, H. American Chemical Society, 2020 Limit of detection.
2 مقاله A horizontally oriented setup for liquid-liquid-liquid microextraction of estrogens Bagheri, H. 2013 Solvent extraction.
3 مقاله Preparation, characterization, and applications of a novel solid-phase microextraction fiber by sol-gel technology on the surface of stainless steel wire for determination of poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in aquatic environmental samples Es-haghi, A. Water Pollutants, Chemical.
4 مقاله Highly sensitive turn-on fluorescent detection of captopril based on energy transfer between fluorescein isothiocyanate and gold nanoparticles Hormozi Nezhad, M. R. 2013 Fluorescence.
5 مقاله An Fe3O4@SiO2@polypyrrole magnetic nanocomposite for the extraction and preconcentration of Cd(ii) and Ni(ii) Abolhasani, J. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015 Cadmium compounds.
6 مقاله Simple and rapid detection of L-dopa based on in situ formation of polylevodopa nanoparticles Hormozi Nezhad, M. R. Elsevier B.V, 2017 Nanoparticles.
7 مقاله Label-free and simple detection of endotoxins using a sensitive LSPR biosensor based on silver nanocolumns Zandieh, M. Academic Press Inc, 2018 Ultraviolet spectroscopy.
8 مقاله Imprinted silica nanofiber formation via sol-gel-electrospinning for selective micro solid phase extraction Asgari, S. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018 Thermogravimetry.
9 مقاله Composites of reduced graphene oxide/nickel submicrorods for non-enzymatic electrochemical biosensing: application to amperometric glucose detection Mohammadzadeh, A. Institute of Physics Publishing, 2020 Graphene.
10 مقاله Optical concentration of gold nanoparticles as a new concept of analytical sensitivity Vaziri Heshi, S. Bellwether Publishing, Ltd, 2020 Gold nanoparticles.
11 مقاله Development of an electrochemical sensor based on (rGO-CNT) nanocomposite for raloxifene analysis Ghalkhani, M. Elsevier Ltd, 2021 Carbon nanotubes.
12 مقاله Highly sensitive voltammetric determination of lamotrigine at highly oriented pyrolytic graphite electrode Saberi, R. S. 2012 Triazines.
13 مقاله Polyaniline-nylon-6 electrospun nanofibers for headspace adsorptive microextraction Bagheri, H. 2012 Water sampling.
14 مقاله An imprinted interpenetrating polymer network for microextraction in packed syringe of carbamazepine Asgari, S. Polymers.
15 مقاله Super-porous semi-interpenetrating polymeric composite prepared in straw for micro solid phase extraction of antibiotics from honey, urine and wastewater Asgari, S. Elsevier B.V, 2020 Waste water.
16 مقاله Electrochemical determination of atorvastatin on nano-scaled polypyrrole film Kamalzadeh, Z. Surface Properties.
17 مقاله Silver nanoparticles-polyaniline nanocomposite for microextraction in packed syringe Bagheri, H. Urinalysis.
18 مقاله On-line micro solid-phase extraction of clodinafop propargyl from water, soil and wheat samples using electrospun polyamide nanofibers Bagheri, H. Wheat.
19 مقاله Two-compartment processing as a tool to boost recombinant protein production Jazini, M. Pichia pastoris.
20 مقاله Spectrophotometric determination of sulfide based on peroxidase inhibition by detection of purpurogallin formation Ghadiri, M. 2013 Water Pollutants, Chemical.