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    Achievable rate regions for dirty tape channels and "joint writing on dirty paper and dirty tape"

    , Article 2010 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, ITW 2010 - Proceedings, 30 August 2010 through 3 September 2010 ; 2010 ; 9781424482641 (ISBN) Khosravi Farsani, R ; Akhbari, B ; Aref, M. R ; Sharif University of Technology
    We consider the Gaussian Dirty Tape Channel (DTC) Y=X+S+Z, where S is an additive Gaussian interference known causally to the transmitter. The general expression maxPU, f(.), X=f(U,S) I(U;Y) is proposed for the capacity of this channel. For linear assignment to f(.), i.e., X=U-βS, this expression leads to the compensation strategy proposed previously by Willems to obtain an achievable rate for the DTC. We show that linear assignment to f(.) is optimal under the condition that there exists a real number β* such that the pair (X+β*S, U) is independent of the interference S. Furthermore, by applying a time-sharing technique to the achievable rate derived by linear assignment to f (.), an... 

    Life-threatening arrhythmia verification in ICU patients using the joint cardiovascular dynamical model and a bayesian filter

    , Article IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering ; Volume 58, Issue 10 PART 1 , 2011 , Pages 2748-2757 ; 00189294 (ISSN) Sayadi, O ; Shamsollahi, M. B ; Sharif University of Technology
    In this paper, a novel nonlinear joint dynamical model is presented, which is based on a set of coupled ordinary differential equations of motion and a Gaussian mixture model representation of pulsatile cardiovascular (CV) signals. In the proposed framework, the joint interdependences of CV signals are incorporated by assuming a unique angular frequency that controls the limit cycle of the heart rate. Moreover, the time consequence of CV signals is controlled by the same phase parameter that results in the space dimensionality reduction. These joint equations together with linear assignments to observation are further used in the Kalman filter structure for estimation and tracking. Moreover,...