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    1 مقاله Defect size estimation in rolling element bearings using vibration time waveform Behzad, M. 2009 Defects.
    2 مقاله Wettability alteration modeling for oil-wet calcite/silica nanoparticle system using surface forces analysis: contribution of DLVO versus non-DLVO interactions Dehghan Monfared, A. American Chemical Society, 2018 Wetting.
    3 مقاله Universal image steganalysis against spatial-domain steganography based on energy distribution of singular values Shojaei Hashemi, A. Steganography.
    4 مقاله Strong short-term non-linearity of solar irradiance fluctuations Madanchi, A. Elsevier Ltd, 2017 Solar power.
    5 پایان نامه معیار شباهت مبتنی بر ساختار جدید جهت انطباق تصاویر MRI و اولتراسوند A Novel Structural Based Similarity Measure for MRI and Ultrasound Registration معاون، آریا Moaven, Aria صنعتی شریف 1397 مقیاس شباهت Similarity Measure / ثبت تصویر Image Registration / تصاویر پزشکی Medical Images / تصاویر فراصوتی پزشکی Medical Ultrasound Images / روش LC 2 Linear Combination Linear Correlation / ناهمگنی تصویربرداری تشدید مغناطیسی Magnetic Resonance Imagin (MRI)Inhomogeneity / روش های استخراج ساختار تصاویر Image Structure Extraction Methods 05-51189
    6 مقاله Investigation of the relationship between engine valve leakage and acoustic emission measured on the cylinder head ignoring combustion effects Jafari, S. M. SAGE Publications Ltd Acoustic emission testing.
    7 مقاله A simple label-free electrochemical DNA biosensor based on carbon nanotube-DNA interaction Shahrokhian, S. Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016 Multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCN)
    8 مقاله DFT study of the interaction of thymine with Cu+ and Zn 2+ Shakorian Fard Jahromi, M. 2009 Transition element.
    9 مقاله DFT study of the interaction of cytidine and 2′-deoxycytidine with Li+, Na+, and K+: effects of metal cationization on sugar puckering and stability of the N-glycosidic bond Aliakbar Tehrani, Z. 2009 Sodium.
    10 مقاله Design and evaluation of a novel triaxial isometric trunk muscle strength measurement system Azghani, M. R. 2009 Transducers.