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    Preparation and Characterization of a Lithium Ion Conducting Electrolyte

    , M.Sc. Thesis Sharif University of Technology Toofan, Samin (Author) ; Nemati, Ali (Supervisor)
    In recent years lithium-air batteries captured worldwide attention because of their high energy density. Solid state electrolytes is one of the main components of lithium-air batteries. Lithium almunium titanium phosphate(LATP) is a nasicon type ion conduction which may be of great potential as solid electrolyte. The object of this thesis was the preparation of LATP solid electrolyte which can be used in a lithium-air battery. To reach this goal LATP powder was synthesized using a solution-based method and an appropriate crystallization temperature was selected based on obtained results of X-ray diffraction analysis. In the next step solid electrolytes was prepared under different pressing...