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    Thermodynamic complexation of dopamine with magnesium (II) in media with different dielectric constants

    , Article Main Group Metal Chemistry ; Volume 31, Issue 1-2 , 2008 , Pages 81-91 ; 07921241 (ISSN) Bagheri, A ; Boghaei, D. M ; Monajjemi, M ; Sharif University of Technology
    Walter de Gruyter GmbH  2008
    The solution equilibria of magnesium (II) complex formed with bidentate ligand of dopamine in acidic media (pH=∼4-∼6) have been studied in cosolvent systems at 15, 25, 35 ± 0.1° C and 1=0.2 mol.dm-3 sodium chloride, using phosphate buffer, with spectrophotometric methods. Evidence for the 2:1 complex was not observed for magnesium. The stability constant of the complex was determined KMg(HL)+ = ∼9 and the resulting free-energy changes obtained. The protonation constant of dopamine was determined under the above conditions. The results are discussed in terms of the effect of solvent on protonation and complexation