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1 مقاله Improvement of pierce-smith converter performance and reduction of splashing using smoothed particle hydrodynamics method Lileh Koohi, A. H. 2013 Splashing.
2 مقاله Geometry optimization of a fibrous scaffold based on mathematical modelling and CFD simulation of a dynamic cell culture Tajsoleiman, T. Elsevier B.V, 2016 Tissue engineering.
3 مقاله Pressure-driven liquid-liquid separation in Y-shaped microfluidic junctions Foroozan Jahromi, P. Pressure balance.
4 مقاله Hopf bifurcation of an age-structured virus infection model Mohebbi, H. American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2018 Poliovirus.
5 مقاله Simulation of methane gas production process from animal waste in a discontinuous bioreactor Norouzi, N. AMG Transcend Association, 2021 Discontinuous bioreactor.
6 مقاله Mathematical modeling of dermal wound healing: A numerical solution Azizi, A. 2010 Mathematical models.
7 مقاله Dermal wound healing-remodeling phase: A biological review Azizi, A. 2010 Finite element method.
8 مقاله Effect of hydrogen combustion reaction on the dehydrogenation of ethane in a fixed-bed catalytic membrane reactor Hasany, M. Chemical Industry Press, 2015 Dehydrogenation.
9 مقاله An optimal approach for maximizing the number of adjacencies in multi floor layout problem Neghabi, H. Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2015 Floors.
10 مقاله Experimental and modeling study of catalytic reaction of glucose isomerization: Kinetics and packed-bed dynamic modeling Molaei Dehkordi, A. 2008 Reaction kinetics.
11 مقاله On the hardware-software partitioning: The Classic General Model (CGM) JavanHemmat, H. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, 2006 Computer hardware.
12 مقاله Parallel machine scheduling problem with preemptive jobs and transportation delay Shams, H. Transportation delays.
13 مقاله Bayesian denoising framework of phonocardiogram based on a new dynamical model Almasi, A. 2013 Simulation.
14 مقاله Dynamics of a running below-knee prosthesis compared to those of a normal subject Mamaghani, A. E. Islamic Azad University, 2013 SACH Foot.
15 مقاله A fuzzy mathematical model for supplier selection and order allocation considering green vehicle routing problem Ramezanzadeh Baraki, R. Inderscience Enterprises Ltd, 2017 Vehicle routing problem.
16 مقاله Nonlinear power balance control of a SPA hydraulic hybrid truck Taghavipour, A. 2009 Intelligent mechatronics.
17 مقاله Robust control strategy for HBV treatment: Considering parametric and nonparametric uncertainties Aghajanzadeh, O. Elsevier Inc, 2020 Nonlinear robust control.
18 مقاله A theoretical and industrial study of component co-adsorption on 3A zeolite: an industrial case Jafari, L. Springer, 2020 Molecular simulation.
19 مقاله Modeling age hardening kinetics of an Al-Mg-Si-Cu aluminum alloy Eivani, A. R. 2008 Aluminum alloys.
20 مقاله Designing and implementing two internet based exam systems using synchronous and asynchronous models Shirali Shahreza, M. H. 2008 E-learning.